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These are the DAYS of my week, from October 6 – 10!

Pre-thoughts bone to pick with the writers:

Consistency is important in storytelling. Keeping the characters the same, throughout the years, with a little growth now and again, is imperative. I gather because there are way too many characters on the show, the writers have started a few storylines and then dropped them just as quickly. One example – Didn’t EJ and Tony plot to take over the DiMera Empire? Whatever happened to that? I love Tony. I’d like to see Tony and EJ do something constructive. The character of EJ was brought to the show as a villain, so let’s get him back to basics. He doesn’t have to be the gloved killer anymore, but he should still be evil. Otherwise he’s a big bore, prancing around the mansion like Sami’s lap dog, wondering whether or not she is in love with him this week. That’s pathetic and boring. Wouldn’t you love to see EJ doing dirty work with Tony? *rubs hands together* At least have him working on somebody’s case in Salem, other than Nicole’s.

Get rid of some of the cast that isn’t needed. Get rid of the deadwood and keep the good actors, the vets and tell stories around more of the cast, so the cast gets more airtime or even equal airtime.

End the maddening triangle storylines and put couples together that work well together, then write storylines around them. Pair off Roman with Kate, or Marlena with Roman. We care about Roman and want to see him happy. You have a huge enough cast as it is. Don’t bring in new characters like a nu-Brady. Give the current cast the show proper jobs for the storylines that you intend on telling, so that we can see them at work. Lucas is an accountant at Titan? When will we ever see that tied into a storyline? What a stupid job to give him. Give him a job at the hospital, a job at Mickey’s office, or have him doing something creative – artistic. That way, you could have his art showing around town, he could be anywhere and we’d buy it. Don’t have so many baby storylines or pregnancy storylines. Two women on the show are pregnant. Horrors. We’re adults. We don’t want to see babies crying on our soaps. Most of these women who watch listen to babies crying all day. You think they want to see it on a show, too? We want to see sex, love, drama, intrigue and adventure in the daytime. At least if you’re going to have babies, send them to boarding school as soon as humanly possible so they’re good and messed up upon their return, 10 years from now, at age 17!

And finally, in regards to storylines, stop beating dead horses.


Whodunnit? Let’s get this out of the way first. I’m not going to be launching into this too much in the coming weeks, because I’m getting a few more suspects out of the way and Bo and Roman simply refuse to consider that their family could be suspect. I will simply discuss the ones that Bo discusses – bias and all! Not that he is known for being a good cop, but his instincts are getting better. I’ll admit that. I know some of you are already tired of the story. Like me, you have a short attention span. Nobody cared about Trent but Matt and I, and we only liked him because he was a fine actor and saw him as having great potential to integrate into Salem. I like a good whodunit. It gives us a nice break from the mundane, and this time, it’s actually putting Salem PD in a good light. After the week we’ve had, I’m closer to being convinced that Melanie did it, but blocked it from her memory. We saw her threaten him with the murder weapon, so unless someone else like Claude or Mayor Mariano came by and killed him, I will assume it’s her. I think we’ll find in the coming weeks that there’ll be another murder and I’m wondering if there are two murderers.

Line of the week: Trent to Melanie, “I didn’t turn you into an internet bimbo.” Classic abusive father. I love it!


Stefano’s scenes with Johnny, AKA Giovanni, were cute, though warped. He read about the family legacy to the little adorable tyke and John commented that Stefano must be desperate to recruit a new soldier that young! Little does John know that Stefano’s got two more recruits on the way!


I think Morgan has officially left the show. She got a bit of a sendoff from sorority sister and friend, Chelsea, who told off Philip for treating Morgan poorly. And now he has moved on. At warp speed, in fact and suddenly he’s in love with Chloe. Time flies… but at least he’s not going to be paired with Melanie…. is he? At least she’s not as vapid as Chloe. I’d like Philly boy with a woman of substance. Too bad the ones in Salem are already spoken for. I wonder if we’re in for another pathetic triangle when Brady Black returns to tie up loose ends with Chloe. That or Brady will dump Chloe and she and Philly will get together. Either way, Eric Martsolf has signed a four year contract, so get used to seeing him around Salem Place. Oh. That’s right, there is no Salem Place. *mopes around*

Nick, Kate, Chelsea and Daniel:

Nick was a lot of fun, drunk, but what’s with the DUI? Get a grip, Nick! You’re a good guy, and we want you to stay that way. He admitted to Aunt Maggie that he has feelings for Chelsea still. Eh? I didn’t see this one coming, especially not after that rant. (Watch here – Nick gets a backbone. I really didn’t. Did you? It appears as though the show is cuing up for a Chick reunion. All signs point to it. Dansea fans will have to look away. I foresee letter writing campaigns in the horizon.


***Spoiler Alert*** Dansea fans, hold on to your lunch. Kate and Daniel “Date” will have sex again next week. This, after Chelsea tells Daniel to move on, Friday. I’m on the fence about this. I wasn’t invested in Chelsea and Daniel, but I am rarely invested in any couple. I thought it was possible that she could forgive, but keeping secrets is never an easy thing to forgive of another. By the way, I mentioned a while ago that there’ll be a vet to go and two females, from the show. I was told from the show that it’s not Kate, but I asked quite some time ago. When we discussed it again, they said they couldn’t discuss it because it was storyline related, and a bunch of smaller sites spill the goods before they are supposed to, the show is afraid to tell anyone anything anymore. Nice. Miss_nicole asked about this on Wednesday, on the boards, so I responded here – on the message board. We also got into the two Passions newbies, FBI Luis and Ethan/Brady.


Chelsea found out Monday that Kate’s ill. Philly told Chelsea he couldn’t betray Kate’s trust by going into detail but Kate didn’t want him to tell anyone anything, so he had already broken that trust! Jeesh. And besides, once a broken trust occurs, all bets are off. Chelsea could have gone to Kate with what she knew. And since Chelsea works at the hospital, couldn’t she just innocently wander by Kate’s room and find out for herself what’s going on? Course, she didn’t need to… Dr. Daniel was right there, discussing Kate’s case with her a few days later, when he asked her, of all people to bring Kate back to the hospital. Shouldn’t he have called Lucas or Philip? No, because then Chelsea couldn’t tell him to move on.