Poor Lucas! Just when he thought his love life was looking up, his lady friend kisses his brother and leaves town. This Days of Our Lives stud has never had much luck with the ladies and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon.

As a young man, he fell in love with Nicole, but she only married him because Kate paid her to. Obviously, that marriage didn’t work out! He pined for Carrie for years and finally married her, but she was still in love with his brother Austin and left him shortly after their marriage. Lucas turned to his old standby Sami, who he actually loved as well and they too successfully made it down the aisle. It looked like Lucas might finally get his happily ever after with the mother of his child, but alas, he was sent to prison for shooting EJ, who Sami eventually ended up in bed with. After catching the two in the act, Lucas’ third marriage ended and he found himself stuck in an elevator with Chloe. They heated things up for awhile, but now Chloe’s gone off to pursue her singing career, but not before passionately kissing Lucas’s brother (and her ex) Philip. There’s also the issue of Chloe’s ex-husband returning to Salem in the next month or so, so it looks like Chloe isn’t much of an option for old Lucas anymore.

Will Lucas go back to Sami, as he usually does? Some are guessing that he will help her cover up the fact that EJ is her new baby’s daddy, by pretending to the be the father, but even if he does, a new FBI agent is coming to town who is rumored to be a new love interest for our young heroine.

So where does this leave Lucas? Will he ever find a woman to love that loves only him? Share your thoughts with Soaps.com about what you think should happen with Lucas.