Credit: Banus (Curtis Sabir/

“She is going to go way deeper than I think anybody could imagine.”

Camila Banus’ character Gabi Hernandez has gotten herself mixed up with the wrong person, and it is about to affect a lot of people in Salem. Viewers may be shocked at the lengths this once-sweet girl is going to get her man, but Banus spoke with to explain where Gabi’s head is at, where this will all end up, and how the heck she knows Andrew. Gabi has gone from being this sweet, innocent little sister to Rafe. Now she is doing all kinds of things. What do you think is behind the change in her behavior?

Camila: Well, there are so many things I think are going on in Gabi’s head that nobody gets to see. It is really cool to see this kind of change and it is really fun to play the dark side of Gabi. Because, you know, everyone has a dark side. And I think that a lot of the things that are brewing, kind of aiding this change, is it comes from actually really far back, starting from Arianna’s death. I feel like a lot of things were left in the open and a lot of things were kind of not very clear. And honestly, Gabi felt very close to Arianna and she references Arianna all the time and it always makes her really emotional. From there on, I think things have never been the same. And when she was with Will, she loves him and cares a lot about him, but honestly she knows that things were not completely 100 percent, and when they do break up and he comes out to her, she always honestly feels like everything is her fault. And she blames herself for a lot of things. So when somebody does that and just points the finger at themselves, there are a lot of feelings, a lot of dark feelings that that are internal. I feel like Gabi, is at the point where she is at, she needed somebody to take care of her because she has been taking care of herself. And the only person that she feels comfortable with or that sees something is there was with Chad, even if it was fabricated. Because it was, she created a little bit of a history that they never really had. But in her mind, they had those moments. And that is okay, because she kind of needs that to dream about. She needs that to have. That is her sanity. She sees Chad with Melanie and realizes she is not the girl for Chad. Gabi is the girl for Chad. So she focuses all her time and devotes her energy to making sure that is clear to him. At the point where they are at, I think she would do a lot to get that, and that is where she is at right now. Her family is out of town and Rafe is kind of busy, so no one is looking out for her. Is that a problem too?

Camila: Of course. Look at it this way. Gabi lives on top of the pub. Grandma Caroline rents her a room and Gabi lives on her own. If you really think about it, this young girl is extremely independent, responsible and she has been on her own for a little bit. Even Dario, who is much older than her, stayed with Rafe at his loft. But Gabi is alone and Rafe has his own thing going on. Dario is in Argentina. Arianna is gone. And so she is very alone. She is a family girl and loves taking care of family. When something is wrong the first thing she does is take on that mother role. She needs to do it and she needs to do it now. Not to have them there is very difficult and she does feel very alone. The only people she can turn to are her friends. And in this case she wants a male figure in her life and she sees that in Chad.