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Deconstructing “DOOL” for the week of June 11 – June 15:

‘Twas a good week in Salem. Many tears were shed, Gabi and Mel did a Midol Complete commercial, Kate was the only person in Salem in the dark about her grandson being arrested for murdering her husband, and a creepy bloke stalked Melanie.

Monday had us filling tissues with tears when Lexi said goodbye to Jennifer. It wasn’t lost on me that just as Jennifer’s leaving the show, her hair finally looks fantastic. I still can’t figure out how Jack will leave unless the writers break the couple up once again. It could have something to do with Jack’s book being published – a record for any book. My husband’s been writing a book for two and a half years – surely not the two and a half months that Jack’s “devoted” to his. I guess when you’re jobless, you’ve more time to dedicate. I enjoyed the exchange between EJ and Rafe and EJ sneaking into the mansion to collect private papers – likely the BS ones that show he’s not Stefano’s son. He should have burned them. They’re going to come back to haunt him. Did you find it screamingly obvious that the writers want an Abe and Kayla pairing once Lexi’s gone? Though their scene was very sweet and Kayla is a good friend, I’d rather see him get to know Maxine. Where is she? I miss her. Vote in my poll: Thoughts on Maxine.

Tuesday, Roman booked Will for murder. I was impressed that he’s been abiding by the law, but then Sami went off on dear ole dad for doing his job properly. I guess I can’t get too bent out of shape, since she’s used to the SPD getting their ‘nuts caught in the wringer’. [Courtesy of David Fix.] Still. It won’t be the greatest Father’s Day for poor Roman. Are you as puzzled as I am that EJ posted William’s bail? Seems to me that Will’s secretly happy that EJ owns him again, what with all that smirking and smiling, but how does EJ really know young William didn’t do it? Because he did? I don’t believe that because I still say Stefano’s alive. Later in the week we saw EJ tossing his black gloves into a bin at the pier everyone frequents. Was his fireplace not in working order? What if someone were to have followed him and collected the gloves? Can’t they be printed and tested for gunshot residue? Methinks EJ is slipping and that William’s going to be the one to catch him at it.

Wednesday had me loathing Marlena again. I find the only time I can stomach her lately is when she’s with Will, and then I like her and adore their relationship. When she went off on Roman, I found no excuse for her and was surprised at her rather discourteous outburst. The man explained that SPD can’t afford to make a mistake considering everyone finds them corrupt and a joke and all he got for his trouble was her harping on him. No respect.

Rafe falling for Sami’s flake of a sister is still fresh so instead of Sami using her as a lawyer, she called Justin, a corporate lawyer, to help Will with his case… Strange. Stranger still was Sami’s acceptance of EJ’s crap explanation for bailing her son out. Maybe in her relief she forgot to go after him and hound him until he broke.