New couple or no?

These are the DAYS of my week, for September 29-October 3:

This week was interesting and is progressing quickly. It was the week for shockers. Nicole and Sami both found out they were pregnant, with EJ’s child and Caroline was arrested for allegedly murdering Trent Robbins. I don’t think I’ve seen a storyline quite like this in soaps, with two women pregnant by the same man. Have any of you? If so, I’d love to hear which show did it and a little about the storyline! EJ’s got some special kind of sperm that he can impregnate a woman so quickly! Who’s next? Chelsea, Stephanie, Melanie…Is this a new DiMera plot? A new convoluted storyline to make all new DiMera heirs for the show? I actually think that what’ll happen is that Sami and Lucas will pawn off the child as his in order for Sami to protect her child from Stefano and his madness. Oh bore. Monday and Tuesday’s shows are an indicator of this. Lucas is a stand up guy, and there is a lot of love and history there. He’s single, (Did you see Philly kissing Chloe?! Yep, he’s single.) so I can see this happening, however, I’d like to see the show go forward instead of backward. These storylines are too… soapy to me. I think EJ deserves to know the truth, but I can see that Sami would be terrified that Stefano would use the new baby as another soldier, as John calls the kid. (Oh my…Johnny is adorable!) I felt EJ’s frustration this week and I dig the way he sees Sami exactly for who she is and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. I respect that, but I don’t respect how he told Stefano that he didn’t love Sami, while he trashed her to smithereens. What kind of person does that? He needs therapy. That was horribly dysfunctional, even said in anger. Who would deny loving someone that they truly loved, even in anger? Any mentally healthy man would have kicked her to the curb long ago. Y&R looks better and better this week, while Days has kicked up the dysfunctional mansion scenes a few more notches these past few weeks. It’s so unappealing to watch. As far as I’m concerned, EJ said he didn’t love her, so he doesn’t love her. He said he was infatuated with her, so is this obsession? Stefano trained him to love his way, after all. I think that this scene with EJ unloading on Stefano was about foreshadowing what’ll happen with the grandchildren and Sami’s pregnancy. After all, she does overhear this conversation! ** TEASER ALERT** Next week we’ll see Steffie reading to little Johnny, training him all about his special brand of loyalty and how to gain power. Sick and twisted! No wonder Sami is terrified to tell EJ she’s pregnant with his kid. This writing is more like JER’s writing, don’t you think?

Alcoholic Nicole was told it would be almost impossible that she’d be able to have kids, but miracles do happen on soaps and in real life! I wasn’t too concerned about that, but I’m not sure I like where they’re going with this. I thought they were focusing on relationships and not going for that old JER writing? Nicole and EJ are cute together but they barely know each other. They’re not even dating, so wouldn’t it be more realistic if she considered having it, then thought about giving it up for adoption or aborting? That’s reality. That’s what women go through in situations that are not ideal, unless they adore children. She doesn’t like kids at all! And what’s she waiting for? Tell him you’re pregnant already, Nicole! Please, oh please don’t turn Nicole into one of those! I abhor the thought of the show turning Nicole into a weepy flake who buys into the notion of happily ever after….or that a baby will make everything perfect.