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Deconstructing “DOOL” for the week of June 4-June 7:

It’s a short week for “DOOL” with Tennis horning in on our time in Salem on Friday, but we still saw murder and bedlam the other four days of the week. Memorable happenings include EJ wearing a track suit, and Sami’s bangs continued to be ornery.

Monday in My Father’s Dead, Roman ran around town questioning some of his best buddies in the murder of Stefano Dimera, who was shot in the back and killed. (I don’t believe him to be dead.) Will shoot EJ in the same cowardly manner once upon a time. Is that just a coincidence? With a list a mile long of people who wanted Stefano dead and 8 prints on the murder weapon, we’re clueless as to who pulled the trigger. We know the murderer is right-handed and wore black gloves. EJ has black gloves. Everyone looks guilty; they are all lying to their spouses and to Salem’s “finest.” Even the cops. Bo and Hope are quite possibly the worst liars in Salem. Both touched Abe’s gun bare-handed, making them also the dumbest cops in the universe.

Kate seemed gutted to hear about Stefano’s murder. I do believe she’s devastated and loves Stefano. Still, crimes of passion have been known to happen. Speaking of which, where was Lexi during this? Sure, she left a note for Abe, telling him she went to bed but did she or was she over at the mansion, offing her father in order to protect her friends and family once she’s gone?

John did have the best line of the day when he told Marlena what he’d been up to that evening. “There was something I needed to do. Uh… nothing much.” Very convincing.

Vote in this week’s poll. Whodunit? Who shot Stefano?

Tuesday, Kate was sure that after Stefano finished Picking My Carcass Clean that he’d move on to Ian. Ian has motive and a secret. Nobody knows anything about him, really. He’s a big suspect and he’s leaving the show.

I love how Sami came right out and asked EJ if he was sure his father was really dead. Somebody had to ask. Sure he identified Stefano’s body but that’s meaningless. I still say the body was that of an impostor. Maybe someone else has kidnapped him or the CIA has something to do with this.

Roman and his shadow, Kent questioned a few suspects but the most memorable moment came when Sami told EJ it’s time he let go of Stefano’s baggage and start fresh. “If you do, we might have a chance,” she told him. He looked puzzled but she insisted she meant ‘we’ as in the family, not we as a couple. Hrm. Are the writers playing with the fans again or is this foreshadowing?

Wednesday, Sami called EJ, Fifty Shades of Messed Up, which is a line from a remarkably poorly written fan fiction book everyone’s been yammering about in the news.

Marlena apologized profusely for keeping her visit to Stefano a secret from John. She all but got on her knees sobbing yet John didn’t even bat an eyelash about doing the same thing to her. Interesting relationship. Then five minutes later she was hiding the clothing she wore to Stefano’s that fateful night. She is such a hypocrite!