Sami cooks now? (

Deconstructing “DOOL” for the week of May 21-25:

Fans are complaining that the show has become really boring. I always know when they’re unhappy with the show when I see the new threads crop up discussing who should return to the show. You’ll note I do the same thing below…

Monday’s episode Queen Of The Night: Hope, a long-time cop – perhaps one of the best of the less than stellar cops in Salem, harassed Stefano by telling him he’d never be able to see his family again once he was jailed. Naturally, she’s wrong.

After professing her love for Rafe at the safe house with her hands down his pants, Carrie suddenly found herself with a conscience. She was unable to conceive of kissing Rafe one more time before telling Austin the truth. It’s a challenge to feel a sliver of respect for her, right? Rafe either, especially after he *gasp* offered to tell Austin the truth for her. Five minutes ago he found out the truth from William. Wouldn’t he have an ounce of compassion because of that? Are you having as difficult of a time resigning yourself to who Rafe is these days? He’s not been written true to character lately.

Big question of the day: Why didn’t Stefano just tell Lexi and the SPD that he was working for the CIA instead of making them wait for Agent Newman to get wind? That’s the beauty of Stefano. He frustrates the heck out of everyone by gloating and waiting for his chance. The Phoenix is a patient man.

Watching Maggie finally and randomly find out the truth about Victor stealing her eggs was heartbreaking. I felt for both parties and hope that once Maggie has had time to work through her anger and shock that she’ll eventually forgive him. Even though what he did was pretty ghastly. I found his explanation of needing time to get used to being accountable to someone else quite understandable and compelling.

It was difficult not to zone out watching Tuesdays’ episode, As Pure As The Driven Snow. Sami and Lucas rehashed their issues with their kid at her place (where’s Lucas living?) and then went all the way to the Coffee Bean to drink tap water while they rehashed their issues some more. Then went home to cut up vegetables and smooch. Really?

And we didn’t even get to see Sonny.

Like daughter like father. Since Sami can no longer call Rafe ‘Agent whatever’, Roman called the CIA Agent Newman ‘agent whoever the hell he is’. That’s Roman’s way of saying he knows Stefano’s got him. Agent Newman assured the Brady Club that Stefano’s as pure as the driven snow. Roman tried to verify this but couldn’t find ‘anyone in Washington who has a brain’. And he’d know.

Carrie tried to use the restroom at the pub but Austin wouldn’t let her go, because her cold sandwich would uh get cold. Yeah. Since when do husbands dictate when you use the facilities? When are these two leaving again?

Wednesday’s episode, Pollyana marked 30 years of Stefano’s reign of terror. Were you watching May 23, 1982? Hearty congratulations go out to Joe Mascolo who has made me both love him and love to hate him since 1994. Call me crazy but I think the Brady clan et alia is putting a little too much emphasis on Stefano being to blame for what Andre did. Sure I blame Stefano for everything else he has done but the Brady clan has also played the victim for the last 30 years.