Airing dirty laundry. (

Deconstructing “DOOL” for the week of March 19-23:

While some of the dialogue was funny and appreciated throughout the week, three episodes this week actually made my head spin and gave me headaches. The pace has sped up a little and the airing of dirty laundry and screaming matches are overwhelming. This isn’t a soap anymore, it’s reality TV. I’m honestly not sure if I like the show or not right now. It feels as though it’s in that in-between stage where new writers take over and don’t know what to do with the characters so they put them all in similar storylines and hope for the best. Problem is McPherson and Thomas’ shows have been airing since September 26, 2011 so what’s going on? In interviews, the duo had expressed the desire to bring back romance and but somewhere along the way that hasn’t worked out for them and we’ve taken a gigantic step backward into the 1990s and now fans don’t seem to be able to relate anymore. I’m pretty ranty today so be prepared…

Sami’s confession scene to Lucas about being the mole made my head hurt. Matt suggested they’re being written by the same breakdown or script-writer. Either way, though I like their friendship, it’s a little of the same-old garbage from ages ago with Lucas rushing to be by Sami’s side while she screws up her life. I guess I’m over that. On the other hand, the scene of Kate revealing that she knows Sami’s the mole dragged on so long I stopped listening.

Airing dirty laundry.
I was humiliated for the threesome who sniped at each other at the pub. Carrie, Austin and Sami behaved as four year olds trying to one up the other in front of Marlena, in order to get her to take their side. She only shamed them. Rafe was the only one with dignity and I respected that. Poor Caroline cried while listening to the sniping and the only person who apologized for the display was Rafe and his only contribution was to sigh and say that the kiss was blown out of proportion. I’m shaking my head.

Misogyny rears its ugly head.
EJ’s absolutely deplorable behaviour after coming across a shirtless Rafe in EJ’s estranged wife’s bed was unforgivable. I understand he’s devastated after finding her with another man but his conduct was inexcusable. Why does each head writer, breakdown writer and script writer insist on making EJ into someone nobody on earth could possibly relate to? Even Stefano in his prime of ‘evil overlord’ never uttered the despicable things EJ said to Nicole. Nicole is not a whore, never was. She doesn’t have communicable diseases, nor does she owe him an explanation for what she does with Rafe in her own room. Why the hell did he have a key to her hotel room anyway? She and EJ are not together and she told him they were through for good. Even when she discovered his indiscretion with Sami or with Taylor, she still didn’t act as childish or inhuman as he has. I’m fed up with the way some of the characters are written in ways that are so over the top it’s difficult to ever repair the damage. I liked them together but as usual, each head writer has ruined each relationship I have enjoyed EJ having by crossing some boundary.