Needs a life. (

Deconstructing “DOOL” for the week of March 12 – 16:

This was a big week for secrets being revealed. Carrie opened up about her feelings for Rafe, Stefano admitted he wants HoJo for a “project,” Sonny revealed his investor in the coffee house to be Ian, Abby accidentally exposed her lies to Melanie, and Will confessed to Sami that he likes the power and excitement of working with EJ. Still, didn’t it feel as though there was something missing again this week?

How on earth does Stefano have so much pull in Alamaina? It’s not as if he’s pals with Vivian. And what a travesty that I don’t get to see my Vivi while they’re in her country. After consulting “MacGuyver,” HoJo scaled the wall of the courthouse, used a bit of bubble gum and cord to break-in, which must be an innovative way to shut down an alarm system. They sprayed the camera with shaving cream, and it was all for naught. These two thought they were stuck in Alamaina for just two weeks. It looks like they’ll be there a lot longer than that. Stefano’s got a plan for them that involves Gina and The Pawn.

Billie’s return.
Billie Reed has made her fair share of mistakes with men over the years which has never endeared me to her but before she left to work for Titan’s security in England, she seemed to have changed some. Whether or not it’ll stick remains to be seen. She made me howl with laughter when she wailed for Lexi to save Bo’s life without any expression whatsoever on her face. I did enjoy her scenes with Austin at his hotel room though and assumed she broke in, considering she should by now know all there is to know about security. I’d forgotten how close the siblings are. It was good to see Austin have a shoulder to cry on though beyond that I’m not sure why Billie is back on canvas. With Billie, Lucas and Austin all in Salem at the same time, I also can’t help but wonder if one of Kate’s children belongs to Ian. I thought possibly Lucas considering Will had that strange encounter last week. Course, maybe I’m way off base.

Pitiful fickle woman.
When Carrie confessed her love for Rafe, he did a good job at hiding his own emotions since he had time to look at the whole picture enough to realize how bad it would be if they got together. He pushed her away when she tried to kiss him which makes me think these two won’t be together. He’s level-headed and can’t be with her while they’re both married, he encouraged her to try to put her marriage back together and if they were together even after they divorced their spouses, I’m still not sure Rafe could do it. Carrie, on the other hand, lets her heart control her. It’s a turn off and makes her look pathetic.