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Deconstructing “DOOL” for the week of March 5 – 9:

Michael Muhney (Adam, “Young and the Restless”) was right. This isn’t the 80s anymore and there are no more supercouples. With that in mind, I hope fans will attempt to watch “DOOL” in a new light, for the full cast of characters and not just two seemingly star-crossed-lovers who maybe never had a chance or who may or may not get one in the future. If we want our show to survive, we need to watch with new eyes. Maybe we need fan fiction for the supercouples. Let me know if you’re interested in reading some and maybe I’ll try to make it happen.

Babysitter #4:
Caroline, Rafe and Kayla can’t handle Sami’s brood, so Sami called for more reinforcement. Lucas arrived and their reunion felt as though he’d never been gone. Insanely great writing, and fantastic chemistry I’d forgotten about between the actors are the raison d’être. Easily, these were the best scenes of the week which reminded me of their special friendship and long history together. I hope the writing is always this much fun for them. I’m not sure how his fiancée will fit into the storyline and because nobody has met her it feels as though she’s made up. I know. I sound paranoid! Maybe I’m secretly hoping for more of a secret. I wonder if they’ll actually cast for Autumn.

“Here I come to save the day!” – Mighty Mouse
Dude surfed, he surfed some more…it was just him and his board. When Daniel returned, he admitted to Jenn that he surfed his love for her right out of his head. Just. Like. That. Sounds like the writers didn’t know what to do with Daniel and sent him away so that they could completely change his storyline! Now, he has returned to save another damsel in distress. I feel bad for Jennifer because she did love and lose both, but Jack’s still sniffing around, so that tells me possibly this triangle was meant to give Jack ‘n’ Jenn fans reason to pull for those two. Then again, I don’t write the show and don’t claim to know what comes next.

More Looney Tunes.
I know it (likely?) wasn’t supposed to be but to me, the entire scene from Roman and Bo’s beating right up and until Bo was brought to the hospital was pretty funny. I won’t even get into how weird it was that Roman yapped at Bo and wasted precious time regarding the need to do things by the book, because it’s good to see someone …well, going by the book! The thugs had to run fast to catch up to the brothers, which made me laugh. That they had what appeared to be Bobby sticks and wore all black, made me laugh harder and reminded me of a cartoon. The scenes in the pub with Kayla screaming and yelling as she attempted to revive Bo while Roman groaned, moaned and yelled, had me in stitches right down to seeing Sami, the town pariah, praying on her knees. I was in a fit of hysterics! I love how Daniel just ‘happened’ along at the right time, too. Classic soap opera. Who doesn’t love cartoons?