Hollingsworth breaks out! (Soaps.com)

These were the “DAYS” of last week – My thoughts for the week of August 25-29.

It’s a new week and a new Days discussion!
We’ve had a few fun weeks with our new columns, discussing our own opinions on the soaps. I start mine usually on Mondays, and add to it as the week progresses. These thoughts are simply my own opinion. Take it or leave it, agree or disagree with it, and please, by all means, I’d love to hear your own in the comments!

Max and Stephanie should be thankful to have such a good friend in Nick, who lured Melanie to the police station. Wait. He told her he had his passport stolen and he’s going there to pick it up. I usually buy into everything, so that I can find enjoyment in any of the soaps, as you’ll find. Not this. Melanie is almost ‘Willow’ unlikable, but there is still time for her to change. I think she’s being portrayed as too nasty and it’s putting viewers off. Don’t you? I’d also like to see Stephanie with more going on in her life than her love of Max. Shouldn’t she be back in Salem, preparing for her second year of University, soon? These might do well with a kick in the storyline pants, because I’m finding their scenes “hum drum”.

Trent’s off the show sometime at the end of September or early October, which is a shame. He’s a good actor with a lot to offer. We’re told he was only there to further the story with Nicole, which I can understand, but it’s difficult for fans to start to enjoy a character and get cut short so often. I’d rather see old family members return, and for good. How about Eric, Vivian… who else would you like to see back on a permanent basis? Shawn? Belle? In my last column, I talked about how there is no use for Chloe. I want to make it understood that I liked the character of Chloe when she was Ghoul Girl, because she had a background, a family, and they were great! I’d love to see Nancy and Craig Wesley return to Salem. The show would have to “spirit” Kevin Spirtas away from OLTL, though I hear that he’s leaving, anyway so it shouldn’t be hard! Would you like to see them return? Would it make the character more appealing to you?

The show is spending a lot of time and a ton of dialogue on John and Marlena. This tells me something is moving forward. We were promised by Ken Corday that Jarlena would be back together, and I’m ready for action. While I’ve stated that I do like the new John, I’d like to see a melding of the two characters, like… “Tess” on One Life To Live! I think that the whole issue of keeping apart star crossed lovers ala Harlequin Romance style is fine, but only to a point. I was ready for a reunion or for Marlena to move on, and then I saw Friday’s show (on Thursday) and my jaw dropped. Eve Plumb, (Jan Brady from 70’s show called The Brady Bunch) came to Salem for the day as “Dora”. Right in the middle of her session, John barged in. This is where my jaw dropped. How disrespectful can a person get? How selfish? Rude? Inconsiderate? Did I get them all? Did the show write this just to make people hate new-John? I love new-John’s caustic comic relief, but this would have been a huge turn off for me. “Hello, security?” I’ve no respect for anyone who messes with another person’s career. We know that he’s got issues to say the least, so his selfishness shouldn’t come as a shock, but it did. Marlena told her assistant she’d deal with it herself, but when John proclaimed he had a tight feeling in his throat when he thought he was going to lose her, she turned to mush. I understand this is what she’s been waiting for, but what about Jan Brady (Dora)? Nobody mentioned this poor woman, who needed Marlena’s help. Shouldn’t Marlena have run after Dora to apologize and reschedule or something? John has a tight feeling in his throat, and asks if Marlena ever thinks about the last time they had sex after the plane crash. (I thought they just made out? I forget.) and instead of running after Dora, this had Marlena throwing her arms around John and crying. She thinks about it too. Uh, the difference is, he’s thinking about the sex, not the emotions behind sex, Marlena! Then, in the very next scene, they’re having sex. Eh? I almost fell out of my chair, when John yelled out with pride, “Oh, I knew I could win you back!” Gee Marlena, you kind of deserved that. Sorry. I love both these characters as you all know, but what was that all about? Even as I was still reeling from Dora, the colour drained from my face as John threw that bucket of ice water on the proceedings. Things aren’t looking good for these two.

There is no way that Lucas will gain sole custody of Allie. It’s not going to happen. It’s going to be joint. What else could it possibly be? The guy just got out of jail for attempted murder, and he’s slinging insults? Very hypocritical of him. Lucas, Sami and EJ have all done things against the law, they’ve all done things to hurt other people but let’s face it, we’ve got to all be over anything that has happened more than a year or two ago! I mean, you have to be in order to watch any soap, otherwise you’re living in the past and won’t be able to enjoy the show. Phyllis has done some really nasty things on Y&R, but I still think she’s great. So has Gloria, and she’s my favourite character! Sometimes you just have to move on and get over the past misdeeds of characters! (This applies in reality, too!) I do have to say it was nice to see Mickey and Maggie this week, but why not bring these two out of the back burner more? They could have EJ with Mickey in his office, working on a case together. Maybe I’m still in Genoa City, but I would be interested in seeing this.