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Deconstructing “DOOL” for the week of February 27 – March 2:

This week, the storylines continued to be recycled from the 1990s. We wandered back to Green Mountain Lodge, took a trip to Alamainia, saw a few favourite characters return, and a learned Nicole’s pregnant with a miracle baby. Let’s break things down.

Miracle pregnancy.
In classic soap opera fashion, Nic Nic learned she is pregnant after having a fainting spell. Have you ever known anyone this happened to in real life? Didn’t she learn from Sami’s mistake with Grace not to hide a pregnancy from a DiMera? He’ll only try to get custody once he finds out. Also, if Nicole’s pregnant after being told it’s impossible, does that mean we get Doc Baker back with the news that her first child with EJ never really died at birth? Hey – a girl can hope. I digress. She does have a sister in Taylor, and Chloe and Brady as friends, so it’s ridiculous of her not to turn to anyone but that’s typical ‘Nicole’ fashion, wanting to ‘go it alone’. It’d be a better storyline for me if she did turn to a friend instead of another man, especially since Daniel loves himself a damsel in distress, especially if the damsel’s a patient. Whether they are friends or not I have said in the past that I see loads of chemistry with them and their scenes are always fun, but does this mean they need to date? Not that I don’t want them to but Dannifer is barely cold and some time for these two to repair their lives after a break-up would be healthy. History tells me these two will be a couple within a few months unless he’s paired up with Billie or unless Nic forgives EJ.

Find out lots of great teasers from Shawn Christian’s interview with He dishes: “She is involved in a crime story I think, and he provides a shoulder for her to lean on. And someone to listen to. And where it brews from there, I don’t know, but like I said before, I am sure there is trouble somewhere. She punches me.” Then read Lisa Rinna’s interview where she tells us there’ll be no romance between Billie and Bo.

Rock bottom?
Another similar story with a woman getting help from a man. Sami’s old pal and ex-hubby Lucas returned. They’re going to be bedding down but how long will Lucas be able to stand her, what with her focusing on number one so much? It was no surprise that she didn’t see the signs that her son is gay. She didn’t even notice Allie existed after Syd was born. Lately, she seems to be written as the Sami of the early 90s which is a huge step backward. Hitting rock bottom usually changes people but she had already changed so what comes next and which man will Sami wind up with?