This week started out with a little Film Noir fantasy. I’ve been reading the boards a little, and most of you didn’t appear to care for the change. “Quelle Surprise!” I went to email, where the hate mail sat, ignored. I should take a moment to remind readers that we aren’t affiliated with any network, program or production company, so sending us the hate mail won’t help! We’ve got a disclaimer on the contact us link that many people don’t read, before sending us email! While I have a good working relationship with Days, and the other soaps, we don’t forward any fan mail to them, sorry – that would take hours and isn’t what we do here! I had a bit of a giggle at some of the emails.

Shirley B says, “Whose idea was it to have this ridiculous B&W saga? Please bring us back to the REAL show. I HATE it!”

Fran D says, “What is wrong with the writers?? Philip Marlowe?! You guys are scraping the bottom! YUCK! I turned Days on yesterday and today and quickly turned it off! If this keeps up — no more Days for me! I have been watching since 1965 and am a loyal fan, but not for long!”

Melissa C says, “I have watched Days for about 30 years, but if the last 2 day is anything like we are going to see, I will find another soap. IT WAS STUPID. People are smarter than that, and what is this about John, that is stupid also. I am about fed up with the whole thing. A faithful watcher.”

I don’t believe that these fans will stop watching! One even signed ‘A faithful watcher’ (laughs uncontrollably) We all get fed up at some point or another. Me too! Did you notice how long they’ve been watching? For longer than I’ve been around. Soap fans hate change – but this was only a two day change. It was done because the show wanted to wait on furthering the storyline during Olympic pre-empts that some had to suffer through.

But, I have to tell you, I loved it. LOVED it!!

What a fantastic idea, a fantastic two day show, great 1940 costumes, make-up… it’s all around good fun! What a way to spend the afternoons, and pass the time, if you don’t care for the Olympics. I think my favorite scenes were with Philip and EJ, at Club Marlowe. Some cute lines?

EJ: “I’m a drifter, a no good, nasty bum.”
Lucas: “Philly K tried to put the moves on you, eh?”
Sami, shrilly, “Every girl should get herself a limie.” (Like nails down a chalkboard…screeeeech!)
Nicole: “That’s what you get, goldilocks, for sleeping in momma bear’s bed!”

After the fantasy had ended, Nicole came back to reality and pondered whether or not EJ could love her if Sami wasn’t around. I think he’s too wrapped up in Sami, and am not sure if it’s possible right now. I do like me some EJ and Nicole, I admit. That elevator scene was hot. A few short months ago, I was over the ‘was it rape’ storyline and I actually gave EJ and Sami another chance. (Some may recall!) But… Sami ruined that with her constant waffling over her men, and stomped all over any interest I had in seeing her with Lucas or EJ. I don’t think I’ve ever detested Sami so.

Lucas and Chloe are getting a little closer. (Do you guys care about these two? If so, I’d like to hear why.) I think they should take things slowly. Oh, that’s right, they already had sex. Scratch that then. Chloe went to new BFF Nicole for help. There’s a plan. Not the person I’d choose to go to for advice. I’d rather go dancing with Nicole than listen to her advice on men. Here’s my advice for both ladies. Ensure you’re single, and available emotionally, before you find a good man. Nicole always knew that EJ was stuck on Sami, yet she set her sights on him. They didn’t have a relationship whatsoever, so EJ was free and clear to kiss whomever he wanted. Nicole has a right to be upset, but he’s obviously not ready to be with her, so she needs to back off. He doesn’t know what he wants – Sami rubbed off on him. Chloe? I don’t see any point in this character. She’s just a void. Like Stephanie, and now, Max… boring.

Marlena, you have renewed my respect for you. After seeing Wednesday’s show, with old John vs. new John (loved that) and “Marnie’s” dead sister, Sam, and all those flashbacks from the 1980’s and ’90’s, my heart flipped over Marlena and John again. Though I love new John and his brand of humor, it was good to see old John. And don’t worry. Marlena will remember who she is, on Monday.

It was good to see Rolf back with Stefano. They’re like an old married couple, and they do have great chemistry, but does this mean we won’t see John and his slave together again? I really liked them together more than anything. They had me laughing several times – unlike Rolf and Stefano. I’m a little disappointed that we may have seen the last of Rolf trying to lose the accent.

Sami and EJ got down and dirty…okay, they just kissed a little in the stairwell. Still, we’re no further along. Sami called what they did circumstantial – they thought they were going to die. Then, a few moments later, she tells EJ that what happened did not happen because of the gas. I quote, “What happened happened. I know what I said. I meant it. I couldn’t imagine my life without you, EJ.” Then she grinned and they held each other for minutes. So, does this mean they’re moving toward a relationship? I didn’t hear a profession of love. I could easily tell some of my friends, family or hell, even my staff that I cannot imagine my life without them. It doesn’t mean that I’m in love with any of them. I’m tired of this. I’d like to see them either together, or apart. Just pick one.