Morgan- dress by Green Dragon & from J. Serriano

I’ve been waiting a whole week for a chance to sit down and dish clothing and designers with you! Hopefully you have your tea, and your shopping list handy. You’ll need it, because we’ve got a few more questions answered for you from my little ok cute, but if you check out your local retailer, the sales representative can usually show you something that is perfect for your needs! As well, so many, ask where the handbags, clutches and purses come from. The show doesn’t seem to have this information,or at least hasn’t in the past. We’ll continue to try to get it but it may take a while, if we get this at all! I ask that you be patient!

Ginger O asks, “On the 5/14/08 episode, Chloe has on purple eye shadow on. What brand is it?”

Unfortunately, Ginger, the show probably does the make-up for at least 10 or more actors a day – if not more, and for them to remember a particular shade of eye shadow for one person, it’s quite difficult. For this one, I didn’t get the answer. They didn’t know.

That same day, Chloe was wearing a green dress. Someone asked where it comes from, and I did not get a name with this! So ‘someone’knows, it comes from Bloomingdales and is by Yonna Baraschi!

Kristen T asks, “Can you tell me if you know where the black peasant style blouse Sami wore on the 5/23 and 5/26/08 episodes came from?”

Sure Kristen. That shirt Sami was wearing in both episodes was by Joie and was purchased at Macy*s.

Stephanie F says, “Thank you so much for filling this most important need in our lives!! 🙂 Keep up the great work. I would absolutely love to know where I could find the dress Chloe Black (Days of Our Lives) wears on June 17, 2008. It’s stunning.”

Hi Stephanie, you’re welcome! The dress Chloe wore, June 17, was by BCBG and was found at Macy*s!

Kathleen F says, “Hi! I enjoy reading the section of your page where you discuss wardrobe choices on DOOL. On the May 7, 2008 episode, Morgan was wearing a pretty blue wrap dress. Can you tell me where it is from? Thanks!”

I feel awful. I deleted your email by mistake, thinking that my staff had already emailed you back with this. Hoping that you are reading this, Kathleen! Wasn’t that dress gorgeous? Morgan looks wonderful in colorful pieces. That dress in particular was by Green Dragon and was from J. Serriano. That name is new to me.