Another week has passed of recapping Days, from August 11-15. It’s been an exciting week. We’re still in the midst of the filler storyline created for airing during the Olympics, and I’m loving it! Things should be back to normal in Salem, when the Olympics are over. I’m just not sure what normal is, for Salem! Let’s revisit what happened this past week, discuss our thoughts on the show and remember – whether you agree or disagree with me, this is all in fun!

We start off with Stefano drugging Marlena. Was that masked man (Brian Friday, the stunt man) really evil-Bart? Steve Blackwood emailed us to let us know that he has spoken with DAYS and discussed a possible return, but not as Bart – as Bart’s evil brother. It’s been a week since his talk with Ken and I haven’t heard back. That could mean anything. I’m up for his return! His brand of comedy, especially with Tony, was a blast! I digress. Back to the show. This week, everyone wound up at the hospital, coughing and hacking from a mysterious vapor or smoke coming in through the vents. Close them. Use blankets to block them! It was kind of comical to see everyone wander about without really doing much to help themselves, during the lock down. How come Steve was the only one to cover the vent? He gets the badge for brilliance this week. What a fantastic show on Wednesday. The hallucinations, Stefano’s maniacal laughing, Chloe thinking her beautiful face was mangled once again, Stefano wanting Sami to go to EJ and make another baby…woah! Halt! “Is this what this is all about,” Sami asked? Even though Marlena has proven to be a thorn in Steffie’s side, he still wants his ex-Queen of the Night’s child to have more children with EJ. I’m not sure I understand the motivation this time. And just when I was thinking the show wouldn’t write in her pregnancy, I am now not so certain! I find baby storylines boring for the most part, and prefer a good SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome. Kids are more fun when they can talk on the shows, unless they’re as adorable as the twins who played Claire (Olivia and Ava White)! A rubber baby does nothing for me, watching a woman fold laundry (Belle, then Hope) does nothing for me. So though I’m not always thrilled with a pregnancy written into the show, I’m intrigued once again by Stefano’s machinations, and will go with the flow. A real life Ali Sweeney’s really starting to show! I’ve always liked how the pregnant actresses are shot from the shoulders up or place large handbags in front of the burgeoning bellies! It’s a kick to figure out the actress is pregnant just by watching the show. How about when they’re ill in real life? A few months back, Rachel Melvin had a really bad cold, and we could hear that in her voice. I immediately contacted her lovely publicist, who was astounded that we noticed! I digress. At least we know who the father will be if Sami does become pregnant. EJ. Will this change anything to do with the twins? There is always the thought that the twins are really both Lucas’s or both EJ’s. I think for the future of the show, having two different fathers is a good way to keep things. Of course, if you’re a Lumi or an EJami, you may disagree with that!

Marlena’s succumbing to the paralysis – a lot slower than Stefano, of course. I always thought it was stupid of her to tell Stefano what exactly he could expect while she was injecting him with that paralytic drug combo, all those months ago. I’m not sure if it was a good idea for Marlena to have done this, because it goes against her moral fiber, doesn’t it? I get that people change and that we all have our limits. Believe me, but in this case, Sami would be more apt, or John, to have done this to him. During those scenes, I recall yelling at the television. “No… ack, no! Don’t tell him what you’re doing!” Did you vote on whether or not she got what she deserved? Fifty-eight percent voted she didn’t deserve this. I didn’t vote, but I’d have voted a resounding, “Hell NO!” Though it was the same thing that Stefano would have done, Marlena was tired of Stefano’s power over her family and all of Salem and did what she did to protect her family. We were all there. Was what she did that much different? Perhaps not, but the reasoning was, behind it. Stefano does what he does because he’s a vile, wicked, horrible beast! That I love. I love the DiMera family – who doesn’t love a good villain? But for all of the torture Stefano has put Salemites and the Bradys and especially Marlena through, even though this was absolutely inhumane, the punishment seemed to fit. I reveled in it. Sick, I know, but those who play with fire, deserve to be burned. On the other hand, I had tears in my eyes when Stefano recounted the torture he spent the last five months, inside his own head! I’m curious about what’s to come.

John’s hatred of Stefano for taking his life away is so strong that he’s willing to call any of Stefano’s enemies his friend. John’s behavior is odd, as usual, and he’s played the hero twice already. Is his motivation hatred only, or do those little glimpses of the old John have something to do with it?