These Were the “DAYS” of Last Week!

Thanks for the new title – I forget who suggested it! Another week has passed and we’re back, dishing about what happened on DAYS for this past week. This week I noticed a lot of recycling going on. I know all soaps do this and I don’t profess to be so egotistical that I think I could possibly write the storyline as good as or better than the head writer and her staff, but no matter how cool things were the first time around, I still want to see as much originality as I can.

Hope and Bo:
Bo’s new look will take some getting used to, but he looks good with or without facial hair. This week, we were treated to a renewal of vows and flashbacks to Bope’s first wedding in New Orleans. It was very sweet, though didn’t seem to fit into the storyline for me. I believe this storyline was created because the Olympics are upon us and TBTB don’t want to further the current storylines until after the Olympics, for fear several fans will miss out. I didn’t expect the horrid reporter, Brad Baker showing up with the anonymous letter and tip that Bo was hiding key evidence as to Paul Hollingsworth’s “murder” (we know he’s alive and well). I didn’t expect all of this to come out so quickly! I was a little astounded when Bo told Hope, at the church, before the ceremony, that he knew they’d be together forever, when she first became his in New Orleans. Became his?! Me Tarzan.

Stefano’s return:
I love the DiMera family and though I’m still shaking my head over the firing and re-hiring of Joe Mascolo, I am trying to let it go and simply enjoy the storyline. It seems Stefano has had a long time to think about things, while he was imprisoned in his own mind. He’s getting angrier by the minute. Though he’s spouting those revenge-filled lines we’ve heard only too often, I believe we may see an even more evil Stefano than in the past! Next week, we’ll see the all mighty Stefano, shed real tears as he recounts his months of “captivity” to Tony. Compelling.

Though he didn’t lock Marlena up in the secret room again, Stefano’s henchman (Evil-Bart?) seems to have gotten a hold of the same drug Marlena injected him with and has turned the tables on her. This is original stuff. Stefano has always maintained Marlena was his Queen. She has finally fallen from her throne, and Stefano says he has more in store for his enemies. Just after, we’ll see gas being pumped into the hospital vents. Wait. It was not long ago that EJ pumped poisonous gas into the hospital, almost killing Steve and Kayla. Recycled. Though, the results are very different and interesting! Maybe this is where our new Mayor of Salem comes in! I’m glad Salem’s finally getting a Mayor!

Ava left Salem this week. I liked her presence, liked the craziness of her and enjoyed her connections to the mob. She turned into a tough broad and a good friend to Nicole, and that’s what I’ll miss the most. Actually, that’s all I will miss. I didn’t want to see her with John, but I do like to see friendships being built on the show. Just as she started to grow on the fans, the show let Ava go. Shame, but there is room for her to return. She professed her love for John in a letter that both John and Marlena read. This means she could potentially return at some date, and cause trouble for Jarlena, if they get back together. (When they get back together?) John has threatened Stefano’s life a few times this week. Is there something to this? Will he have to leave the manse, when Stefano returns? Will Rolf turn in his iron and go back to the lab? Just where is Rolf?