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Deconstructing “DOOL” for the week of January 2-6:

This week was like any other with a few great scenes, a few corny moments, and the highlight seemed to be Will’s interactions with EJ. Let’s break it down.

“I own you.”
EJ’s gaydar went off when he saw Will glance appreciatively at Tyler’s big brown eyes on New Year’s Eve. He used this information, along with his knowledge that Will, not Lucas, shot him in the back in 2007. We’ve always thought Will was the culprit! It’s good to finally see this story come to fruition. We’re in for a lot of dramatic moments. Let’s take a look at both sides…

Whether or not EJ deserved to be shot is irrelevant. The point is that Will got away with attempted murder. From EJ’s point of view, valuing his life as he does – except for the time he tried offing himself – why shouldn’t he get payback and blackmail the person who almost ended his life? Sure he’s an opportunistic snake and so on and so forth but I love that the character is being true to himself. This is the EJ that fans fell for. Of course, it’s pretty sick, but not any sicker than faking a child’s death or the many other sordid things he has done. Let’s put it into perspective. He’s a mobster. This is his nature. On the flip side, it’s hard enough for young Will to accept he’s gay but the very first person who knows the truth is someone who uses it against him? Sick. Can you imagine what this will do to the poor guy? Some fans wonder if EJ can truly blackmail Will for the shooting since he has no proof. Good point. Good thing he has more than one thing on young William. Poster “Switzerland,” says, “Shouldn’t/can’t EJ be disbarred for knowingly letting someone serve time for a crime that Will committed? Am I wrong?”

The Master could probably spend some time in the clink for letting that happen. Maybe Will should record their conversations just in case and start getting the dirt on EJ. Then again, EJ is a DiMera and will destroy any proof of wrongdoing as he always does and likely make things even worse for Will. Is there a way out for Will? Does he even want one? He seems to be having a good time in his new role and the new car sure sweetens the deal.

I like the irony. Like mother like son. This is something Sami and Will can bond over – an attempted murder on the same man.

Family acceptance.
Many fans including myself loved the acceptance of Sonny by both his parents, and their easy-going nature. Will liked it as well, which caused many to feel sympathy and affection for Will. I’m not a fan of using Justin and Adrienne just to further Will’s storyline. Will’s questioning was a little over the top. It was good to see something I suspected, that Sonny knew that Will’s gay. It’s good to see at least one gay man’s gaydar works in Salem aside from EJ. I’m not sure if it was alright for Sonny to out Will to Mateo but it came off as a sweet moment.