Turning the tables? (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week from January 2-6:

Thomas and McPherson have delivered on establishing romance between the couples, and the characters are finally true to themselves. Still, that essential ingredient that separated “Days of our Lives” from the other shows is missing. The camp, excitement and drama. As Kola Boof tweeted to me, “”DOOL” is so boring…it’s like watching paint dry.”

This week’s inspirational message seemed to be “Don’t take advantage.” With that in mind, let’s break it down.

Dating the boss is never a good idea.
Madison will always have issues dating the boss unless they were partners through and through. Even then they’d have disagreements but would be on even ground. Her fits are getting tiresome. We get that she’s the CEO, but as for running it the way she wants, I don’t think so. Brady owns the company! Why did he bother to pull rank regarding the launch of the men’s line if only to cave moments later? Where was the debate? How on earth is she supposed to respect him or is this part of her plan to get naked with the boss so she can get what she wants? If so, where’s her self-respect and when did Brady become a wuss again?

Most importantly, was she PMSing this week? One minute she’s vehemently against Brady partnering with John and the next, she’s “100% for it.” Does she have a split personality?

And the Alice mystery goes on and on.
This storyline stopped piquing my interest over the holidays. What if the IOU had never been found in the ornament? What if the plaque had never been broken and the key never found? Why on earth did she hide these clues in such precarious items anyway? Why is Stefano being written so tame throughout all of this?

Treason? A set up?
Kate + Sami = good times. I’m torn in so many directions on how this storyline could play out. We all assumed Kate had an alternate motive for hiring Sami. Was it just to have Sami committing industrial espionage – not to minimize but is that just the start? Could Kate be setting Sami up to kill two birds with one stone? Such a tasteless idiom. Kate has always wanted to get rid of Sami, but I thought they shared a crumb of respect between them after Kate warned Sami that EJ was planning on kidnapping the kids a while back. I’m not really sure what Kate would have to gain by hurting Sami right now. She’s not dating Kate’s sons anymore.

On the other hand, and this is highly plausible, Sami could be setting Kate up in order to take over CW or get the company into hot water. I’d prefer it if she’s stuck it to Madison rather than Kate.

Lastly, could Madison be orchestrating the whole thing to get rid of both? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

How shocking that Sami kept her cool when confronted with Rafe and Carrie’s plan to become partners at work. Is it her guilt that keeps her quiet or is she trying to keep the peace? By now, we all know that something is supposed to happen between Carrie and Rafe, but Rafe just doesn’t seem interested in Carrie to me. Maybe the ex-FBI agent is better at being clandestine than her. Rafe is Carrie’s type, sure, but is Carrie his type? He loves Sami so much and they’ve no real huge issues…that he knows of. Why would he risk a good thing?