These are the “Days” of Christine’s Week: I’d love to know your thoughts on this title. My staff has given me “Days Minutes”, “Days Diabtribe”, “Days Dialogue”, etc.

Because I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to join in the message board or comment discussions, and because I’ve been seeing posts directed to me in the boards, telling me that you’re interested in my thoughts, I decided to start a weekly post, sharing my own thoughts on the happenings in Salem, on Days of Our Lives. Keep in mind that my thoughts are not simply coming from a fan of the show. I write the updates, I know what’s going to happen, usually a month in advance. Spoilers are spoiled for me, which leaves for a little less excitement. Whether or not you agree or disagree with me, this is all in fun, and all I ask is that you don’t send me hate mail!

My opinion of this show changes, week to week. The feel of the show changes from day to day, scene to scene, as I’m sure it does for some of you. It used to be that the shows would build things up for the Friday cliffhangers. I don’t really notice this anymore.

This week started out with the aftermath of a shooting and I missed it. Matt wrote the update for me while I was on holiday and watching Y&R. Something big always happens when I’m on holiday. It was a great week for Y&R, but I digress. Philip’s timing couldn’t be better. We know that he has some secrets that he’s keeping from newfound love, Morgan. His taking a bullet for her could be just the thing to ease her into forgiving him for his misdeeds with her father, when he decides to spill.

I have no problems with the age gap between Chelsea and Dr. Dan. It didn’t occur to me until I saw a few rants in the message boards. To each his own! Though I sometimes do like watching the two kissing, (I’ve been hoping for a little bare chest scene again from the Doc) I don’t feel that the show has spent enough time developing their relationship so that we can decide whether or not we like them together. Daniel flew off the handle this week. He sent Chelsea and Kate on a guilt trip and asked for Chelsea’s obedience. Is this a new depth to the surfer persona?
Is it just me or does Kate have feelings for Daniel that go beyond a fling? I’m seeing stolen glances and longing in her eyes. I find it annoying that we were never privy to this lustful relationship. How are we to care about this whole storyline if we didn’t see it from the start? Do you start reading a book from the middle? It reminds me of a few weeks ago when Anna and Tony married offscreen. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

I knew Paul was alive. I knew before I spoke with **MORGAN** at the SOAPnet party. Just a feeling, plus, I had the spoilers for a month ahead of time, though I ignore them until closer to the date of showing. I knew he was alive but didn’t know he was alive and staying at hotel DiMera. The least John could have done was to hold him in the secret room, where there is a nice cozy bed and …

Nu-John and Ava do have a lot in common, but since she’s leaving the show, I can’t get invested in their relationship or the storyline. I like both characters, and it’s a shame Tamara Braun was let go. I’ve really warmed to her antics and am enjoying her friendship with Nicole! Though I do like Marlena, I suppose I was a “Jarlena” for years, Marlena, my advice to you is to move on. Roman’s still available. *nudge* Although I’ve been a Jarlena fan forever, even I know when it’s time to move on. If there is a chance for them in the future, I’m all for it but at the moment, her clinginess makes me sad.

They’ve introduced a few newbies to the scene. I’m enjoying Evan. Cute guy and I do like that they’re involving him in their lives a little. Please tell me they won’t automatically have him be distantly related to Abe or Lexi, just because he’s African American. Falling back on that is lame and overdone.

Speaking of lame, be careful of what you wish for. I really wanted Stephanie and Max ( Stax?) together, but now they’re just incredibly boring. Stephanie is one-dimensional, even at the best of times and Max has turned in his bad boy race car driver image for a broody bar keep. Since I don’t care about these two, why do I care about Melanie Layton? Is this just another bad girl brunette that they’ll turn good? I’m still not certain but finding out that Nicole and Trent are married was a surprise, but is that it? Is Melanie their daughter? Does she detest Trent as much as I do? Where does Nick fit in? Will this be a love match? Another bad girl for Nicky? Back to Stax. Where did Stephanie learn to allow men to walk all over her? And why is she completely over her rape? This character has no depth whatsoever.