We’ve been hearing rumors that Deidre Hall (Marlena) will be playing a dual role soon on Days of Our Lives. In order to get the real scoop, we went straight to our source at the daytime soap!

When we asked our contact at Days of Our Lives if Ms. Hall was in fact going to be taking on double duty, she confirmed, “Yes she is, but it’s only for a day.” That day will find Deidre playing not only the beloved Marlena, but her twin sister Samantha as well, who was previously portrayed by the actress’s real life twin sister Andrea Hall in the late seventies and early eighties.

This will be the first time Deidre has taken on a dual role and will have the enormous task of learning not only her considerable amount of lines, but her “twin’s” as well.

Soaps.com is excited for Deidre’s new challenge and can’t wait to see her take on the role of Marlena’s sister!