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These are the “Days” of my week from December 19-21:

It’s a short week for me, but there’s always something to dish on so let’s get started. After the dishing, you’ll find a little holiday treat.

Sheltered psychiatrist.
Marlena’s pretty sheltered especially for a psychiatrist. Bo let her know the prison John will be transferred to is the worst in their area and once John’s inside, they can’t protect him. She was shocked as if she hadn’t thought of that. Maybe she thought he was going away, like how tweens go away to university. Maybe she’s so used to the Brady family ignoring the law, even the cops, that she expected John to be pampered.

Marlena was kind to offer Rafe to move Will in with her and it would likely do a world of good for both Marlena and Will, but why rock the boat with Sami when Will can either stay home and work on his issues, or go to Caroline’s? Shouldn’t she be encouraging them to get counselling? My only guess is that she knows Will is gay and wants to help him explore his feelings herself.

Shaking hands.
Daniel doesn’t have MG. Could it be the early onset of Parkinson’s disease? Is he going to visit Chloe while he’s away for Christmas? I remember she’s supposed to return briefly in 2012.