These are the “Days” of my week from December 26-30:

Happy holidays and all the best to you in 2012. Since I’m on holiday either skiing in the Swiss Alps with Carrie and Austin’s friends, eavesdropping on the Salemites at the Horton Square, or spending time with family and friends until January, I figure you might want to check out Matt’s DOOL Musings on Soap Opera Fan.

Here’s a sampling:

“Across town, John was busy recuperating from his trip to the Salem cells by having sex with Marlena. Shockingly, he’d discovered that this was possible without including whipped food and canned air. They ran off to do a press conference. EJ raided it to impress everyone with how magnanimous he could be. Uncle John gritted his teeth and took Marlena home for more sex while EJ went back up to his room with Nicole.”

Feel free to also read Beth’s wisecracks in the soap opera screen capture section.

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– Christine Fix