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These are the “Days” of my week from December 12 – 16:

Few themes this week: Abe went behind Lexi’s back and Nic went behind EJ’s, and it was date night for a few couples. Strangest line of the week goes to Marlena: “I miss you like I miss air.” John didn’t even raise that one eyebrow. The crime rate was down in Salem this week as people hung personalized ornaments they pulled out of nowhere on the town square tree without incident.

A man cannot live on work alone.
Can we give EJ and Nicole other characters to interact with? Sure, they’re in a honeymoon phase which is sweet but all the Brady’s have friends and family, Austin and Daniel have now bonded, and these two seem lost on their own island. It’s really an injustice to the show not to utilize Nicole more. She has chemistry with everyone in Salem and can kick up the humour. And just because Maggie and Victor are married off, doesn’t mean we should never see them.

“I’m not going to be bachelor number two.”
Poor Daniel really is the better man. And you know I think Jack’s great. Dan and Jenn are well-suited for one another. There’s no denying that even if you’re a die-hard Jack and Jenn fan. Such heart-ache and my poor dear Jack isn’t helping any by jumping for joy after hearing Jenn disclose that she and Daniel were no longer together. There’s still no end in sight for these three or is there?

Billie’s return.
Is Billie returning to cause strife for Hope and Bo or will she be paired up with Dr. Dan? Does Billie know that Dan dated her mother, dumped Kate for her daughter, dumped Chelsea for her sister-in-law, and then lastly, dumped Chloe for her brother’s half-sister Jenn? Good to meet ya!

Myasthenia Gravis.
Daniel’s hands are shaking. Did he inherit MG or does he just drink too much coffee? At least if he has it, he could cure it, right?

Emotionally damaged or a big fat liar?
Brady’s too easy. Madison gave him a lame-assed explanation as to why she’s living Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” song and he was putty in her hands. Not in mine. Perhaps if there was a real explanation? Do these two numbskulls really figure jumping into bed will somehow uncomplicated things? How is one supposed to get behind a couple when they can’t get behind themselves? And I’m not one to minimize but in this case it’s difficult not to. Madison’s childhood woes are nothing close to what most people I know have had to deal with in their lives. It’s hard to feel anything for her just because she had no Christmas tree as a child. Christmas is about being with the ones you love, not Christmas trees, and it seems to me she had the love of her mother and siblings. Perhaps if she was stuck in the hospital with Leukemia when she was young it’d be easier to feel pity. Based on how freaky she gets about wanting to be in control of MadWorld and how she’s got one lousy sob story after another, it seems to me she’s distracting Brady in order to get control of Titan or something. Am I on to something? Vote on what’s going on with Madison.