***Spoiler Alert!***

Considering how often people come back from the dead on Days of Our Lives, it should come as no surprise to learn that the character of Paul Hollingsworth is in fact alive! With his portrayer, Linden Ashby reprising the role beginning July 30th, the mystery surrounding Paul’s disappearance is certainly getting more interesting.

Instead of swimming with the fishes, it seems Paul has been hiding out in John’s basement this whole time. After John witnessed Paul getting rolled into the river, he apparently rescued the former customs worker and stashed him away so they can figure out what to do about Philip.

So now that Paul is alive we have a few questions. How will he react to learning his daughter is hooking up with his nemesis? Who threw him in the river in the first place? And will Paul return from the dead a changed man?

Soaps.com is thrilled to learn Linden Ashby is coming back to Salem and can’t wait to learn the answers to all of our burning questions!