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These are the “Days” of my week from November 28- December 2:

The theme of the week is trash. We saw John trashing his lovely cell, Will trashing a kitchen, and Nicole trashing Abe’s reputation.

Website hacking.
Could Tad be behind the website hacking? Only if someone is pulling his strings. Could it be EJ? He’s always doing something illegal. Or Quinn? Maybe he gave up hookers for gambling and returned to Salem to be close to his new line of work. The day spa has to be a cover for something illegal. It is Quinn, after all.

Which is it?
Kate referred to the client she ‘stole’ as Joel Fitterman the first time, then Joel Finneman the second. Madison called him Finneman the first time and referred to him as Fitterman to Brady, later. Perhaps an easier name should be chosen for fictional characters so the actresses can keep it straight.

To make out or not to make out.
So it’s okay for Jennifer to make out frantically with Daniel but not Jack? She knows she hurt Daniel when he caught her kissing Jack, but doesn’t care about how Jack would feel if he spotted her lips on Daniel’s? Maybe she should pick one already, before one of them dumps her. She knows what she’s getting with Jack, but who knows what she’s getting with Daniel, since they’re still in the honeymoon phase. Find out what Jenn’s portrayer has to say about this in Lori’s interview with Melissa Reeves.

Such a tease.
Madison got Brady half naked before sending him on his way, unsatisfied. Is she always a tease, or is she protecting him? Either way, it’d be nice if she’d cut it out.

Heart wrenching.
Abigail was suddenly nice to Jack again. She can turn it off and on about as well as Madison. It was lovely of Jack to send Abby’s article in to a journalism contest. It’s also great to see him not focused solely on his PTSD and actively seeking work. How absolutely horrible it must have been for him to hear the cries of his friend being tortured and murdered. Matthew Ashford’s doing a bang up job with this storyline.