Jay Johnson (Philip) and Brandon Beemer (ex-Shawn) (NBC)

This week Bo covered up evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case to help protect his half-brother Philip on Days of Our Lives. Considering they have never exactly been close, (Bo grew up a working class Brady, while Philip was a privileged Kiriakis some twenty years Bo’s junior) it seems pretty out of character for the usually straight and narrow cop. So why exactly is he going against his sense of duty to help the brother who has brought mostly turmoil to the Brady family?

The last couple of years have seen Bo and Philip at odds with each other over Bo’s son and Philip’s nephew/friend Shawn. As both Philip and Shawn vied for Belle Black’s affections, Philip temporarily gained the upper hand when he married and later seemingly fathered her child. However, Belle and Shawn never let go of their feelings for each other and it turned out baby Claire was in fact Shawn’s. After Belle and Philip divorced, a bitter custody battle ensued where Philip manipulated the system and won full rights to the child. Unhappy with the outcome, Belle and Shawn went on the run with baby Claire, with Bo helping them elude his younger brother.

The situation eventually resolved itself and the parties involved settled on an agreement where Belle and Shawn gained full custody of their daughter and Philip was allowed visitation. They all became friendly once again, until Belle and Philip’s unresolved feelings for each other resurfaced. This of course led to an affair between the two even though Belle and Shawn were later married. This turn of events put Shawn and Philip back at odds with each other and further put a wedge between the Kiriakis brothers.