Credit: Deidre Hall (Nikki Nelson/

“Beauty is fun and it’s attainable.”

Deidre Hall (Marlena) and her co-author Lynne Parmiter Bowman (they previously wrote “Kitchen Closeup” together) have written a beauty book called “How Does She Do It?” The women have put together tips they’ve picked up over the years based on experience and talking with their friends. recently talked with Deidre about her book, which gives practical, yet fun advice on everything from skin care to tramp stamps. What was the inspiration for “How Does She Do It?”

Deidre: Just knowing a lot of stuff. Lynne and I have written in the other book that collaboration is what women do. They just talk to each other. They share all kinds of information. It’s how we learn stuff and things about beauty. You can read magazines and articles and watch television shows, but until you sit next to your girlfriend with two mirrors in front of both of you and say, ‘No, no. You put it on this way,’ you don’t really get it. She and I are forever sharing products and sharing information and sharing secrets and, ‘Oh, my makeup artist did this today and look what she does.’ So, it’s great. We just love it. We are…I’m going off track. Anyway, we love sharing in that way and it seemed appropriate that after 40 years in front of a television camera it was time to say, ‘Here’s what I learned on camera.’ Have you read the book? Have you seen it? I have not had the chance to read it yet.

Deidre: What I’ve done in a large part of it, besides telling stories about things I’ve learned, is that I talk about lessons I’ve learned on stage: To look better on stage you do this. Here’s how you find your light. Here’s how you turn your head. Here’s how you lift your chin. Here’s how you avoid panty lines. It’s just the whole thing. So much of that pertains to how we walk through our everyday life. It’s television lessons turned everyday. It sounds like you give real advice, but you had some fun with it. I saw that you share your thoughts on tramp stamps and tips about not shopping with kids or heterosexual men.

Deidre: [laughs] To give you a taste of what the book is like, the working title was, ‘Beauty Smackdown.’ That got vetoed and then we went to, ‘Does This Mascara Make My Ass Look Big?’ We thought people might be uncomfortable asking for that so we settled for the very moderate ‘How Does She Do It?’ I think I like the ‘Mascara’ title.

Deidre: I know. I campaigned hard for that, but it was, ‘It’s too trendy,’ and ‘We don’t know,’ and ‘What are people…’ The subtitle was, ‘Things That Only Your Makeup Artist, Best Friend and a Gay Man Will Tell You.’ That went away too. I love it. What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

Deidre: Wow. I think it’s what I start with in the book, which is, it’s not sexy or dangerous, but it is about sleep. Because getting enough sleep is the most effective beauty secret there is. It’s good for your skin. It’s good for your eyes. It’s good for your hair. It’s good for puffiness and being rested is the place you need to start. We have a whole chapter on that in the book because there are guidelines that you need to get the right kind of sleep and we give them to you all in the book.