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These are the “Days” of my week from November 14-18:

How ironic that Corday blamed Higley for what went wrong with “DOOL” when the same storylines are being recreated within weeks of firing her. Maybe he shoulders most of the blame?

Jenn sandwich.
There hasn’t been much screen time dedicated to Jenn dating her harem. Daniel hasn’t been seen nearly as much as Jack but he did have an extraordinary conversation about the weather with Jennifer.

Jennifer: “I’m sorry that I wasn’t here for Victor and Maggie’s wedding. You know, I wanted to be there for you. I wanted to be there with you.”

Daniel: “Well, you know you can’t control the weather. Right?”

Jennifer: “Yeah, yeah. Especially not these days.”

Wait. What? These days. You mean we could control it in the past? Did Stefano and Rolf create a weather controlling device that broke down before I started watching in ’94?

It’s hard to say whether or not Jenn went overboard in her anger toward Jack this week. She’s pretty pious, very black and white but Jack has always been sort of grey. He seems sincerely confused as to why it wasn’t a good idea to fake sleep while she was pouring her heart out to him. That could cause issues in the future for them if they stayed together but for us, it’s entertainment. He’s being written like a kid in a candy shop who needs to learn self-control.

Sami and EJ show.
Johnny went missing during the shooting but nobody searched the pub. The ineptitude of the Salem PD is remarkable. Then, Roman arrests Quinn, gets a call about a possible break in Johnny’s case and tells Quinn to “Get Lost.” A good cop would have called for back-up and had Quinn taken downtown but Roman chose to ignore the law as it suits him once again. No wonder Sami never knew right from wrong. Does that mean the arrest doesn’t stick? And why is he allowing non-cops to help him with the investigation? Isn’t that a liability?

Sami put on the hysterics and raged on everyone – something we have been blessed not to see in months. She blamed everyone else for Johnny’s disappearance possibly because it was easier than admitting that she was at fault as she blamed everyone else to be. Poor Rafe and the sandwich got the brunt of it. Sami: “You think that sandwich is going to make the difference? You think if I eat that sandwich, he’s just going to walk through that door? You think this sandwich is the difference between that bloody shirt being his and not? Your perfect turkey sandwich is not going to bring him back. It’s not going to change the fact that we went to that pub because of you! It’s your fault that we were there and this sandwich doesn’t change that!”