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These are the “Days” of my week from November 7 – 11:

Mother Nature toyed with Salmites this week with the freak snowstorm. Suspiciously… magically?… there were no remnants of the snow to be found the next day when Daniel and Brady were jogging by the pier. The square. Whatever. It’s all about the square now, which is prettier than the pier, yet still somehow manages to annoy just as much when it’s shown in practically every scene. The highlight of the week was Wednesday’s episode where John claimed under hypnosis to have murdered a man in cold blood and went out for a croissant afterward. Brilliant. Old school. We also saw a lot of lying going on.

Basing a marriage on lies is awesome.
The cutest couple in Salem and one has a huge secret that could break them apart for good. Victor should have told Maggie the truth right away and risked having her turn her back on him, but since this is a soap opera, and we need to keep the storyline going, he and Henderson will likely thrash the story out in the den where anybody can stroll by and overhear.

Still wondering – who is Daniel’s father?

Who has mad hacker skills?
“MamaRosa,” a poster, wondered who is behind the website gambling shenanigans. There hasn’t been much dialogue about this story likely since the regular characters haven’t been a part of it. EJ seems a candidate, considering he’s always got his black glove encased hands in something. Another poster, “HouseTops” suggested it was Caroline. Excuse me, Scaroline. “…she’s computer savvy having switched the paternity test for Parker!” Could be. How else is she paying for those extensive renovations? Other than her some random University guy or someone in the DiMera family, there doesn’t seem to be any other contender.

Lies aren’t the foundation of a good relationship.
Why are the guys hiding the hacking from the girls? Will’s hiding it from Gabi, not that their relationship is going anywhere anyway but Chadsworth is hiding it from Abigail and there doesn’t seem to be a point? To top it off, Chadsworth is sexist? He thinks all women can’t keep their trap shut? He must have gotten that from his Dirtbag DA Daddy. Once Abby learns that Mel knew about the hacking all along, she’ll think something more is going on between these two.