Samantha's shirt?

After a long weekend, most of you just want to sit back and relax, while reading news! I get it. That’s why I waited until today to post my newest wardrobe column. Feel free to get yourself a coffee [with Bailey’s of course] and find out if I’ve answered your burning fashion questions!

Sharon S asks, “Where can I buy the beige leather jacket that Kristin Alfonso had on, it was either the Monday 5/5 or Tuesday 5/6 episodes?”

I didn’t get a shot of this jacket and when I asked my contacts, they said, “Got us there. Might have been a personal item.” Sorry, Sharon. If you scour the leather shops, you may find something suitable and similar.

Annmarie V asks, ” Do you know who makes the floral dress that Sami was wearing on Thursday, May 8th? Thank you!” And, Donna W says, ” Love, love, love the wardrobe column! Trying to find the dress Sami wore on May 9th when she kissed EJ!”

Wow, they didn’t expect that people would be asking about this floral piece. It was actually from Forever 21!! I thought she looked gorgeous in it! I’m happy that you love the column, Donna! Good to hear feedback of any sort. Course, I’m partial to the positive!!

Debbie S and a few others asked, “This week (May 5) on Days the episode where John and Sami could not sleep. Sami had on a cute pajama set. Any idea where it is from?”

Yes, Debbie! Those pink PJs were designed by Natori and from Neiman Marcus!

Kathy G asks, “Hi Christine… Just wondering… where can I find a top like the one worn by Lexie (red with smocking/pleats) in the May 9th episode. She had it on when she was talking to Dr. Dan.”

Hi Kathy!

She looks great in red, that Lexi. Too bad she has to cover most of her cute outfits up with that white lab coat. You can find that piece, by C. Kiko, at Nordstrom!

Esmeralda V asks, ” Hi as long as I can remember there are these earrings Hope wears, I’ve also seen Sammie wear them before… but most recently on Friday May 9th when hope walks in to the Police Department and gets assigned the investigation of Ava’s doctors murder she has them on again… I can never make out what the shape is… but if you can please let me know where to find them… thank you in advance for your help.”

Hi Es, (can I call you Es?!) you may have guessed…. Those hoops come from Kristian Alfonso’s site, ‘Hope Faith Miracles’! They’re quite chic on her. What am I saying, anything’s chic on Kristian! Look for them on her site Hope Faith Miracles.

Karen B asks, “Hi. Can you tell me who made the purple shirt/top that Sami wore on May 2, 2008 to the immigration hearing at the police station with EJ, Marlena and John? I LOVED it and been searching on the web for the answer but can’t find it. THANKS!! :-)”

I dig the smilie, Karen! Good taste. That was a personal fave of my little friend at DAYS and it comes from Bebe! Dang, and I was in there a few weeks ago. I didn’t see it.

Kathy W asks, “Hi! I am loving the cute tank shirt that Chelsea has been wearing the past few episodes May 8th and May 9th, 2008. Any information on where she purchased this top would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your help!”

Hi Kathy, that piece was from Free People at Bloomingdales. Ah Bloomies. Have fun shopping.
Dana V asks, “Christine, on Friday, May 9th Sami and Hope had on outfits that I absolutely loved. Where can the black, floral print dress that Sami had on and the plaid jacket with mauve trim and matching top that Hope wore be purchased? Thanks for your help and keep up the good work, Dana”

Thanks Dana. I feel really bad, actually, because during the Emmy hype, I was so horrendously busy (but loving it) and I didn’t get to write up my column until now. I’m so sorry that you and everyone else had to wait such a long time for an answer to their questions. Between the wardrobe being busy for Emmys and me, it took some time to get these answers. At any rate, Sami’s dress, as stated above, was from Forever 21 and Hope’s jacket was from DKNY. I absolutely died when I saw that jacket. I snapped a few photos of her wearing it because I knew I wouldn’t be alone. I’m gazing at it now, lovingly!! My eyes are averted to a photo nearby in the same date on my computer of Daniel Jonas in a towel. I have to shake my head and wakey wakes… uh, anyway, you can purchase DKNY (Donna Karan New York) items, including that jacket right online at Donna Karan (I’m not going there… but you can check the site out for locations. I know you can find some of her stuff at The Bay.

Keli C asks, “Hi Christine! There is an episode during the week of 5/5/2008 when Sammy was wearing a 2 pc. white pajama set that had English Roses on them. She was having a talk with John at the mansion. It was beautiful. Do you know what store they are from? Keli C”

Hi Keli C. See, I found her whole outfit and glasses deal to be very unattractive. Poor EJ… or Lucas… or EJ… Sorry – not my thing but I’m alone…. everyone and their sister would like this set! I’ll tell you where they’re from if you promise me never to wear these PJ’s under the sheets (if you have a partner – romance killers are usually comfy!) “Pinky swear?” And make sure this isn’t a Nicole pinky swear, either! I’m on to that! Ready? PJS are by Rachel Ashwell – you know, ‘Shabby Chic’?! I’m a fan of Shabby Chic, Keli and you’ve forced me to go to their website to find those. An hour later and a lighter pocket book and oh, yes. I didn’t find it, but check out This site and click on “Loungewear” and you may find it or something similar. If you’ve no luck, try going to google and typing in “Rachel Ashwell loungewear”.

Regan P asks, “I was wondering where I could purchase the necklace and the shirt that Hope was wearing on today’s (5/13/08) episode.”

Regan, that shirt was from Dari. Dari, you ask? It’s a little store on Ventura Blvd in Los Angeles and don’t quote me on this but I believe William Shatner’s daughter, Melanie runs it. The necklace, of course is from (say it with me) Hope Faith Miracles!

(The shirt – I wanted to add the details that Monti C so kindly reminded me of that made me know just where to look for this photo. “It came down mid-thigh, sort of a light brown with belled type sleeves, it had a hood and some sort of pattern (almost southwestern looking). I know she was wearing it in the scene where she and Kayla get back to her house from Kayla’s doctor apt. and also in the scene where she and Bo are down at the docks helping Steve and arresting one of Martino’s goons.”