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These are the “Days” of my week from October 31-November 4:

There are at least six mysteries going on this week on the show. They’re moving at a decent pace. That combined with the romance and love, one would think the show has never been so good. Still it’s not without minor issues, according to many posters who are finding some fault with the current writing. Let’s play Marlena – snootiness aside, for a few minutes and analyze the situation.

It’s not incest!
Many still think that since Maggie’s Dr. Blondilocks’ biological mother, he and Jenn are related. Maggie married into the Horton family, so they’re not blood related. They didn’t grow up together either so though it’s odd, there’s nothing really creepy about it.

Mysterious case of the hacking gambler.
Sonny, Will and Chad found the hacker’s ip address on their site which mysteriously led them to an exact location of the hacker’s dorm room and a shifty character, who showed them how to login to the hidden gambling section of their website. They were really concerned that the biggest crime lords in Salem, Stefano and Victor, would think poorly of them if they found out about the criminal activity on their site.

Mysterious Madison:
Madison’s certainly got Brady and Sami puzzled by her hot and cold behaviour. Being hot for Brady doesn’t figure in to her mysterious plans, I guess. Madison has treated Sami like an old friend since they were reacquainted, yet when Sami tried to protect her, Madison cuts their friendship out of the equation. It’s disconcerting. I’m not sure how these office politics would affect Sami’s job but maybe if Madison and Brady wouldn’t put on the heat at work, Sami wouldn’t feel threatened. We have to remember, this is Sami’s first job in about a decade, so it’s understandable that she’d be protective. “I thought you were more astute?” Madison asked Sami. Um. Astute? Two things: How so? And, does she really know Sami enough to assume that? That whole exchange was weird.

Lines between good vs. evil have always been blurred and with the new writers that hasn’t changed.
The DiMera’s are the bad guys and yet John Black thinks he’s above the law. It’s okay for him to commit a crime by removing his ankle bracelet and attend the town square Halloween party? Hard to fault him for laughing at the law such as it is in Salem and the holier-than-thou mayor of Salem, Abraham, not ratting out John because they’re besties was a given. It would have been a better plot point if Abe had done his job and sent John to jail.

Quinn returned to Salem a few months after police commissioner Roman told him he wouldn’t press charges against him for pimping if he left town for good. Will Quinn’s lawyer get the deal revoked because Roman never had proof of Quinn’s wrongdoings? Why didn’t he contact Vivian for her help instead of blackmailing EJ? Vote on Quinn’s return.

EJ sure caved to Quinn’s blackmail immediately, knowing that even if Quinn can’t provide proof of EJ’s past as a drug overlord, he can cause issues for his campaign and put self-righteous Abe right back in the mayoral seat. Then again, it’s just one of a list of other misdeeds that Salemites have already heard about.