Sarah Brown (Nikki Nelson/

“The minute she lays eyes on him I think she has that little stirring feeling in her gut that makes her all tingly inside.”

Sarah Brown has joined the cast of Days of our Lives as the character Madison. In anticipation of her Salem debut on October 4, chatted with the actress, who has also starred on “General Hospital,” “As the World Turns” and “The Bold and the Beautiful,” to learn more about her role and what fans can expect. What can you tell us about Madison and how she fits into Salem?

Sarah: Madison is a wealthy, successful CEO of a cosmetics company that she built from the trunk of her car. She is tough. She is bright. She is driven. She is pushing towards becoming a global name in cosmetics. She’s already established a great brand within the United States and she has been very, very successful. Her product is on the lips of women everywhere. She’s an icon for…you know, part of her brand is who she is as a person and people looking at her and thinking, “I want to be like that. Do I want to buy the products she makes? Because she’s cool and she’s pretty and I want to look like that.” So, she sort of lives a fantasy, if you will, for her clientele, so that they can see her living the fantasy that they hope to see themselves living. And she comes to Salem eventually to make a deal with Titan to have them buy her company, but she wants to maintain control and remain at the helm of the company. So she has a projection of who she is for the company, but who is she privately? She is a good girl or a bad girl? Or do we not know at this point?

Sarah: I think she’s just a human girl. She’s not a good girl or a bad girl. She has good days and bad days. She’s driven. She’s not going to let anything stand in her way, but she’s a good person. We hear Madison and Brady [Eric Martsolf] will be romantically linked. Can you tell us anything about that?

Sarah: She comes in and has her initial meeting with Brady, which gets off on the wrong foot. They don’t see eye to eye straight away, if you will. He does a little something that she thinks is very, very inappropriate and kind of rude and she’s taken aback, but at the same time the minute she lays eyes on him I think she has that little stirring feeling in her gut that makes her all tingly inside. [laughs] It’s fun for her to mess with him for awhile, as she does, and she enjoys that for a bit. And then, you know, it just gets really complicated from there. Before coming to Salem, does she have ties to anyone already there?

Sarah: She has a tie to Sami [Alison Sweeney]. She has history with Sami, so when she first meets Sami, she doesn’t realize she actually knows Sami from when they were kids. How did they know each other?

Sarah: When we were kids we were in school together. Elementary school.