Welcome home Jack. (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week from September 19-23:

My Vivian departed with Ivan this week which was a bittersweet sendoff and to me, the end of an era once again. Will Corday, Clark Poulter and Thomas Jr. remember that there are a large percentage of us viewers who love drama and camp or will this alternate version of Salem continue to spew sunshine and rainbows for the years to come? Take our DOOL poll.

Great sendoff.
It was utterly impossible to care about the twelfth Hernandai to grace the screen for no apparent reason. Surprisingly, he got a better sendoff than half the cast of “Days” has gotten in past years. I felt for Melanie and found it sweet of Jennifer to tell her own story of heartache over Frankie years ago. I enjoy the history being brought to the show. It’s nice to be reminded of Frankie and also great to see Jack back. More on that next week…

That’s some twelve step program over at Salem Oaks.
The stylist there works wonders. Carly went in a mousy mess and came out a glam puss. She asked Dr. Norman how to make amends with her coworkers at the hospital. Why, I’m not sure. Instead of making amends she should turn herself in to the cops for theft, but her old lover Beauregard would have patted her on the head and said she was a bad girl just like he did when she murdered her husband and send her on her way. Happy trails Carly.

Instead of Abe changing to a job where he could spend more time with his family, Lexi chose to cut back on her hours in order to help further his career. Though I dislike that the little woman jumped at the chance to follow her man around, it’ll be nice to see more of Lexi outside of the hospital. My thoughts are that (spoilerish) Abe’s not going to stand a chance against Elvis as mayor and surprise – I prefer Elvis in office. He’d put the Brady family in their place and bring back the drama in Pleasantville.

Reality TV?
Watching Jennifer prepare Sami for a job interview felt more like reality television than a soap opera. Sami learned how to shake hands and how to dress monochromatically. Here’s hoping she at least paired that distasteful outfit with some jewelry or a colourful scarf. Dare I mention that once again Sami’s keeping secrets from her ex-FBI beau? Some things never change. I’m sure she’ll get the job under Jenn’s fine tutelage and will screw it up soon after.

Master of the sneer.
Is it in Bo’s job description to taunt a prisoner’s family? I’m not sure Vivian would have gotten so out of control if he hadn’t fed into it by taunting her about Quinn. And Hope’s turning more into Bo by the minute. Like dear ole hubby, she tried her hand at the sneer and jumped down Taylor’s throat before getting the facts about whether or not Tay fed Quinn information on the prostitution attacks. They’re partially to blame considering they hired her without a background check. I’d like to see a non-Brady in SPD. McCarthy? Anyone? Rafe doesn’t count. He has turned more or less into a Brady.