The past twelve months on DAYS, we’ve seen a lot of changes, and not just to the storyline or the actors. We’ve seen some gorgeous new hairstyles crop up on our leading ladies. Recently, we were asked to post photos of Arianne Zuker’s Hairdo. Arianne, who plays naughty Nicole, returned from Los Angeles with a new hairstyle and a new attitude! She’s edgier than ever, and so is her hair! Kristian Alfonso started sporting the inverted bob months ago, which suits her and is very elegant. Rachel Melvin changed her cut a few times, going from long locks to a short ‘do’ and now she’s sporting an inverted bob, with a little streaking. It’s a more mature look for her and is very becoming. Shanna G thought so! Shanna emailed us to ask, “Will you please send me a picture of Chelsea’s new hair cut?”

Sure Shanna! We’ve posted a photo of Chelsea’s new haristyle, for you and for anyone else who is interested.

Feel free to email us with questions regarding hairstyle, wardrobe or anything you’re curious about. While we don’t claim to have all the answers, we do try our best to help!