Credit: Shelley Hennig signs autographs for Buck!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received an e-mail saying that I won the James Reynolds Basketball Game Trivia Contest! I won four tickets and the opportunity to take photos of the event.

When I arrived, my three friends were already there, waiting. I told the girl at the counter hat I had won the contest. She handed me a Press lanyard and led me past the basketball court through the doors to another court where the players were warming up. I immediately started seeing members of my TV family. I started watching Days of Our Lives 35 years ago. I have a long running connection to the show. So many of the characters on the show have been in my home, on my TV, more than my real family members (and some of them I like a lot more! lol) Winning the tickets to the game meant a lot to me.

Once inside the second court, I was introduced to Lori from Right away, Lori was able to grab Darin Brooks for an interview. I said nothing. LOL. I just stood there thinking… I can’t believe I’m here and that is Max in front of me and Lucas is playing basketball over there with Brady, Dr. Jonas, Philip, and Shawn and Kayla is in the corner talking with Chloe! I was beside myself. And then the girl from the front came up to me and said she’d go get my friends. I thanked her and she left to find them and all I could think of was that she didn’t know what they looked like! So I ran out and found them and came back. When Lori was through with Darin Brooks I asked if he would mind if I took a picture of him. He said that it was fine but he wanted me to be in the picture, too.

Right away, I knew that any of the cast members that I spoke with would be really nice. I’ve met some of the Days cast before and they’ve always been polite, welcoming, and willing to share a moment with you. They give the impression that they’re a big family. That makes me think that it must be really difficult when someone leaves the show. I’m guessing that most of those tears we see in the good-bye scenes are not fake!

I noticed my friends were down at the other end of the court so I headed there to see Kayla and Chloe. I told Mary Beth (Kayla) that I love the cast now but I’ve been watching the show a long time and she is the one that I wanted to meet the most that night. I think she took it wrong but she was really sweet and, again, insisted that I be in the picture with her. They must put aging makeup on her in the show because she looks so much younger in person. (There, that should make up for what I said to her!) Nadia was kind enough to take the picture of us.

After that, I just wandered around the court a bit, stopping to take a breath, and just watching the players and the cast interacting with press and fans. I ran into Chelsea. She was alone and signing the shirts for the raffle. She smiled and posed for me.