As the battle between Philip and John heats up, their mutual pawn, Paul Hollingsworth, will make his exit. Sources tell us that the actor who plays the customs official, Linden Ashby will leave Salem on June 19th.

Hollingsworth came on the scene in March when John bribed him in an attempt to derail the Kiriakis shipping empire. Since then he has dealt with his guilty conscious over his illegal doings, while trying to maintain a close relationship with his daughter Morgan. It now seems Paul just might be in cahoots with John’s enemy, Philip.

No stranger to soap operas, Ashby got his start on the now defunct “Loving”, where he played Curtis and moved on to “Melrose Place”, playing Coop and The Young and the Restless where he made Sharon’s life a living hell as Cameron. Although he’s leaving Days, you will still be able to see the actor in his current projects, “Breaking Point,” “Anaconda 4: Trail of Blood,” “Hunger” and “Dead at 17.”

Although it was short lived, we enjoyed Linden’s portrayal as the conflicted customs worker and wish him luck with his future projects.