The scene tries too hard. (

These are the “Days” of my week from September 5 – 9:

Though I’m still quite bored with the rewrites, I’m fairly sure the writers have done the best they could with the shambles Higley left Salem in. They appear to be reestablishing the love the couples feel for one another, and considering we saw a definite lack of romance in the past, I guess I can stomach the over-abundance of adoration.

Quaylor? Tinn?
Quinn and Taylor are still piquing my interest with their history, their arguments, and that kiss… I can’t get on anyone’s case about how different Taylor is now as opposed to how saccharine she was in the past because Corday warned us he was taking her in another direction. I just wish she was like this in the beginning.

Salem U website?
I’m not really sure where this campus website storyline is going but it reminds me of “The Social Network.” I’m excited about their excitement but I keep wondering if Tad’s going to hack into it at some point and mess with it considering his bellyaching over Sonny’s sexual orientation hasn’t gotten him anywhere.

Two sides of the same coin.
Sami had another one of her temper tantrums this week. I thought she was going to hold her breath until she turned blue. She has regressed so far back in her life that she tried to find out her test results by committing a federal crime. Her reasoning baffled me. “I couldn’t stand knowing that some lab tech knows my results before me.” Unlike everyone else in the world, who finds out their test results before a lab technician is able to process them? Rafe’s turning into a Brady more and more so he thought the whole criminal act was funny. It sort of was but he’s missing that integrity he had when he first came to the show. I wonder if EJ became mayor if he’d try to get the Brady’s, including Rafe Hernandez-Brady ousted from SPD.

He reminds me more of Bo lately. He did almost everything right when he took Sami to dinner, but looking at his teeth in the knife almost gave me a heart attack!