Scrubs coloured T-shirt? (

These are the “Days” of my week from August 29 – September 2:

Let’s just get right to it this week since I’ve a lot to drone on about. Maybe I’ll get lucky and you’ll leave me a comment with your own thoughts after.

She suddenly forgives quickly?
Gus is really hurting after being rebuffed once again by his Duchess. I didn’t really understand Vivian’s motivation for forgiving Quinn for saving her mortal enemy, which happened at warp speed. They must be wrapping up Vivi’s story before she takes off near the end of this month.

Keep it secret or share it?
I loathe the fact that once again we’re seeing a Sami Brady storyline front and center with repetitive dialogue and all. There are other characters on “Days of our Lives” and I truly hope that after September 26, we see more of everyone else and less of Sami. Seriously this has gone on for the past three years or more and it’s freaking tiring. This is not “Days Of Sami Brady.”

I digress.

I am torn on how I feel about Sami keeping this a secret from family. On one hand, why not spare them the uncertainty if it’s nothing? On the other hand, family is supposed to be there for you through thick and thin. If you can’t lean on them, there’s a problem. Not that I think the children should have known, but good and bad, it’s all part of life. University Hospital must be progressive. They allow nail polish to be kept on during surgery.

Another soap.
Watching Carly and Nicholas in rehab with Dr. Norman feels like we’re watching another show. Dr. Norman’s new and because we don’t know nu-Nicholas anymore, it’s tough to care about his feelings. I’m curious about where he’s staying and why he hasn’t seen Vivian yet. At Salem Oaks, time seems to go by slower than the rest of Salem.

Tad the cad.
Many are wondering if Tad has some latent homosexual issues because he’s so against homosexuality. Perhaps that or he was simply brought up to be a bigot. Not only are his gang of friends against his bigotry but they’re friends with “the enemy,” which means Sonny’s really in for it. I’m worried about what’s to come. Wait until he finds out Will’s gay.

Even though it was interspersed with the rantings of Tad the Cad – yes I stole that from “All My Children,” it felt good to see a summer scene especially since ours is coming to a close. I even enjoyed Daniel and Jenn’s banter. We’ve learned that they absolutely adore champagne, and that Daniel loves the colour of his scrubs. What was wardrobe thinking putting him in that blue t-shirt? At least it showed off his buff body.