Everyone in blue. (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week from August 22-26:

Lately, if you ask me what happened during an episode right after I’ve watched and recapped, I really couldn’t tell you. It’s been that boring. The show at this point is sans Higley. There are some noticeable changes that are pretty neat. We now hear different background music. No more Dr. Who, which is nice though I like the Dr. Who stuff. We hear car horns honking, and people talking in the background in clubs. This is only a taste of what’s in store, we’re told. Monday’s show was like one of those made for TV Hallmark movies that I avoid at all costs. It was so touching I almost threw up while the two families stood over Maggie of all people (I mean why not Chad? He was shot, too!) and promised they wouldn’t break the peace. If this is how corny the show is going to be I’ll be severely disappointed. I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt simply because these are rewrites and I’m hoping they’re simply establishing the future for “Days 2.0” or clean up Higley and Corday’s mess.

I don’t mind romance in moderation.
When romance is between couples such as Safe, Dannifer and Bope, I only want to throw up. The scenes are altogether too long, which doesn’t help. That Bope bedroom scene dragged, Dannifer spent way too much time at make-out point drinking champers – not once but twice, which I guess establishes that they’re now a serious couple, and though they’re not a couple, once again I ask how many times we have to see Nicole and Taylor argue about EJ? I prefer creative writing in the scripts with snappy fun one-liners. Did they fire all of the funny script writers?

“Give me my ‘bitches’.”
My Nic Nic called my Mel a ‘little bitch’ simply because she’s jealous and concerned about Brady’s feelings for his best friend. It’s ridiculous and makes me not want a Bricole reunion. Brady’s right. They do enable each other. Besides, I can see already that we’re going to get an Ejole pairing once again. I like them together so that’s fine with me, only if my Nic Nic is stronger this time and not under EJ’s thumb. I want them both seen as strong characters again. I’d also like to see my Mel in a better storyline truly being a little bitch! No more Kinsey or Vivi soon means we’re sorely lacking in the bitch department. No bitches in soaps is unheard of. I mean soon we’ll have perfect Marlena and Carrie the drip back and then who will make the show interesting? Kate can’t do it alone.

Quinn and Taylor’s secret was sort of anticlimactic. They met in University, were arrested for demonstrations…were probably lovers. Who cares? The important thing is that the SPD messed up again by hiring somebody without doing a background check! I love it.

Chloe’s glam wardrobe.
Dylan D., a poster on the “DOOL” forums says, “Thursday Hope made a comment about how Chloe looked really dressed to just be going to a “music lesson.” Chloe puts on a dress and heels when she’s only going for a walk, so it makes you wonder if Hope’s been living under a rock because every time Chloe’s on she’s wearing a dress and high heels.” Dylan’s right. The show was trying to show off Hope’s detective skills but it was a laugh. I’ve only seen Chloe in jeans once. I’d have preferred to see her in jeans more often, especially since she has no money and couldn’t possibly afford the dry cleaning bill for all the frocks. With Chloe leaving, the wardrobe team can spend more on clothes for the rest of the cast. I’m looking forward, but if they’re reading this, which I doubt, blue and purple are nice but there are other colours in the colour spectrum.