Molly Burnett (Nikki Nelson/

“There’s a family bomb that’s going to be dropped.” recently sat down to chat with “Days of Our Lives” star Molly Burnett, who plays the young and vibrant Melanie Jonas. Read as Molly discusses Melanie’s true feelings about her parents, dishes about the future of Melanie’s love-life, teases a juicy “Days” spoiler, and much more! Melanie learned that her parents are Carly [Manning, Crystal Chappell] and Daniel [Jonas, Shawn Christian]. It seems she holds a secret wish to have them together. How does Mel really feel about her parents?

Molly: Who doesn’t want their parents to be together? [chuckles] You know, that’s the ideal family, your parents are together and everyone gets along. Does that always happen? No. It’s not always hunky dory. How does Melanie feel about Daniel’s involvement with Jennifer [Horton, Melissa Reeves]?

Molly: Melanie is okay that Daniel likes somebody else as long as she sees that he’s happy. It’s kind of complicated, but I think it’s working out for the most part. Right now, Mel is just focused on getting her mom better. She sees that Jennifer really makes Daniel happy, so she’s okay with that. Melanie just found out that she has a brother, Nicholas [Alamain, Cody Longo]. What are her thoughts on this and will the two be close?

Molly: I think when somebody is sick and you’re brought into the situation, no matter who you’re with, you’re going to bond with that person. You’re going to work together to help the person who is sick. It’s going to be hard for Melanie, though. In her heart, Max [Brady, Darin Brooks] is her brother. It’s kind of a struggle to be okay with the fact that Max is gone and that there’s a new, real brother in her life. Let’s dish about Melanie’s love-life. The relationship between Mel and Dario [Hernandez, Francisco San Martin] has been moving at a snail’s pace. Since Dario’s leaving, what do you now see happening with Melanie in the love department?

Molly: I want Melanie to focus on herself right now. In real life, you’re not always with someone and happy. It’s not always butterflies and rainbows. You have to learn to be alone a lot, and that’s what Melanie is currently working on.