De-SORAS'd. (

These are the “Days” of my week from August 15-19:

The week was full of romance. Daniel romanced Jenn at the park, Sami seduced Rafe, and Abby enjoyed time with shirtless Chad. We also saw a lot of physical abuse with Vivian cuffing Quinn and Carly next in line, and Kinsey whacking Tad across the head. I found this week that I’m questioning a lot more, rather than commenting. Maybe you’ve questions as well.

Clam chowder is safer.
Though I don’t want the show to become too mobsteresque, I can’t help but admit how well the scenes were done in Chad’s shooting and consequential scenes after. Dimitri sure is handsome, but the man needs prescription glasses.

Why did Daniel and Lexi put Maggie on a ventilator if she had a DNR on her file? They put her in a coma, remove the breathing tubes and she not just miraculously breathes on her own, but talks? Hmm… it’s all moving so fast!
I think I missed something. Quinn was the anonymous person calling Jenn, Daniel, and Mel, right? Did this person ask them to convene at the pub? Otherwise, how did Carly know the threesome was there?

I like how fast Vivian found out Quinn was secretly helping Carly. It’s nice it wasn’t dragged on. The big ‘what the…’ was Carly accepting pills from Vivian. Obviously she was not in her right mind. Those pills could have killed her. Since they didn’t, Vivian mustn’t be in her right mind, either!

I’m not certain if Chad actually disowned Stefano and his family or if he simply left the mansion for his own safety. Salemites like throwing the word ‘disown’ around too much. It’s understandable that he’d do what’s best for him. He should take care of himself. After all, he could have been shot by a mobster who actually knew the human anatomy, and then fans would have no shirtless scenes. Still, I don’t want him to disown them and I’m not sure leaving the mansion will keep him out of harm’s way. At least there he had that crappy security system and guards that can’t shoot…wait. I’ve changed my mind. Perhaps Caroline’s clam chowder is safer.