More kids? Really? (

These are the “Days” of my week from August 8-13:

It was a very drama filled week. I missed the light-heartedness and the one-line zingers. Though I enjoyed the week and think we’ve seen a major turnaround with the writing, I still have a few bones to pick.

Addiction storyline.
Quinn cares about Carly because he sees parallels between his life and Carly’s. I still don’t care. This story needs help. Help right off my screen, that is. I couldn’t care less about what happens to the victim Carly Manning and seeing big bad Quinn cry is sort of ridiculous. The sooner they wrap this storyline up and Carly goes to rehab the better.

Odd directing.
Maggie’s shooting was almost anticlimactic. I almost wish there were no spoilers in soaps so that we could continuously be surprised. It’d keep us glued to the television. How strange that nobody called Chloe or Will. The fact that Maggie told Victor it wasn’t his fault was true. It was her own fault for not minding her own business and instead trying to protect him. I thought it showed great strides in their relationship and the timing was perfect, because I was getting almost bored with their story. This should step things up but she should take advice on how to be a mobster’s wife from Kate.

Is it too late for Chad to run?
Though EJ’s trying to get his brother to run from their dysfunctional family, I believe Chad’s already embroiled so deep that he can’t get out. He loves “Father” and because of the DA treating him like dirt his whole life, it’s not likely we’ll see Chad turn his back on somebody who treats him with love. Then again, I don’t write this stuff.

It looks as though we could be in for a Bricole reunion. I’m fine with that. I’m a little tired of Brady’s superhero syndrome, so I’m ready to see a little more tenderness now and again from him.

“If only you were a bricklayer than a gangster.”
I’m not a fan of this vendetta storyline. They keep discussing a war, when there are only four players. It’s really ridiculous and in fact, if it were really a war, there would be even less players. Unless you’re really going to off a few characters, lose the “vendetta” storylines or at least don’t make them front and center. I repeat myself from a few weeks ago, this is not “General Hospital.” If they wanted to watch “GH” they would. That reminds me. Who the hell is Dimitri? What happened to Nico (Lorenzo Caccialanza) and why can’t Dimitri tell one DiMera brother over another? Vote on whether or not you like mob stories on “DOOL.”