Nicole's leathers come from Bebe. (

I’ve been swamped in with emails from stylish Days of Our Lives fans asking me to find out where they can purchase the lovely trends they see the characters of Salem wearing. Salem Place gets a lot of action, as we can see – wink- and because of that, aren’t you as surprised as I am that they no longer show Salemites shopping at Salem Place anymore? Remember that’s where we first saw Nicole, waitressing! I for one would like to see the citizens of Salem shopping at Salem Place again. It would work well to explain where these gorgeous fashions hail from. They should have gotten a nomination for best wardrobe, to add to their others!

Getting right to it…

Dee B and Leah B both asked, “Where can I purchase the “Save the Earth” T-shirts that Morgan and Sami wore at the gym on the 4/22nd show?

These are the same tees they had on during the bachelor auction that was held at the Cheatin’ Heart a while back, when Chelsea and Morgan were pledging their sorority, Theta House. Remember that? Hot guys being auctioned off…. What? Where were we? Oh yes, the shirts. They can be purchased at Ed Scott’s website, Save The Earth Foundation. The proceeds go to one of my favorite causes! Buy, buy, buy! (We aren’t affiliated with them.)

Ellen H asks, “Please, please, please let me know where you got the sweater set Marlena wore on Fridays episode I so need it for an upcoming wedding!!!”

Ok! Ok!! It’s from Neiman’s and it is a creation by DKNY (Donna Karan, New York). Their whole Spring 2008 line is absolutely to die for. Every last delicious piece. I checked out the site as I was posting this to you and fell in love, several times over! If you do not see it anywhere on the site, Donna Karan check your local Neiman’s store. If you don’t live near one, you should move to one nearby, or at least take a weekend shopping excursion with friends!

Robin C asks, “Lexi Carver wore a wrap dress on the May 1, 2008 show – who is the designer?”