Other ways to say “I do.”

With summer comes wedding season, a season filled with many classic and traditional weddings to attend. As “Days of our Lives” fans know weddings in Salem are anything but traditional. Why have an elegant and safe wedding, when you could have one filled with sex, scandal, and blood? Here are the top ten most memorable weddings on “Days of our Lives!”

10. Bo and Hope’s Christmas Eve wedding.

How can you think about weddings without this miracle wedding? Bo and Hope finally reunited (again) on an enchanted winter wonderland Christmas Eve wedding where they declared their love for one another in front of family, friends, and magical snow. Meanwhile, Brady Black, who had accidentally been shot by Abe Carver and left paralyzed, miraculously walked again right before he attended the wedding. Joy all around!

9. Lucas and Nicole’s blackmail wedding.

How could Lucas Horton fans forget how sorry they felt for him when his mother, Kate, paid Nicole Walker $5 million to leave Eric Brady and marry her son? Kate was desperate to keep Lucas away from Sami. Talk about a meddling mothers. Nicole agreed and left Eric for Lucas but quickly came to make his life a living hell, driving Kate to wish that she never brought Nicole into their lives.

8. Melanie’s poisoned wedding comb.

When Vivian Alamain came back to town recently, she tried to exact revenge on Carly Manning for killing her nephew Lawrence. Vivian learned that Philip’s bride-to-be, Melanie Layton, was Carly’s long lost daughter with Daniel Jonas and set out to kill Melanie. She hesitated at first, because she loved her “son” Philip too much, but in the end, went through with her plan. She warmed up to Melanie so that Melanie would accept an early wedding gift from her – a beautiful but poisoned comb. Victor caught on to Vivian’s plans and secretly switched the comb with a non-poisoned one. When Vivian arrived at the wedding, she learned about the comb and went to plan two. She lured Melanie to a balcony where she planned to throw her off. Carly rushed to the wedding with a gun in hand and aimed at Vivian but accidentally shot Melanie instead, sending her into a coma. The poor girl didn’t even get to walk down the aisle!

7. Philip and Belle’s wedding crasher.

In 2005, Shawn Brady was separated from his girlfriend, Belle Black, when he was kidnapped by Jan Spears. Jan had taunted Shawn with images of Belle and Philip getting closer. When Shawn finally got away from Jan, he couldn’t find any other way to tell Belle he still loved her other than to crash her wedding – literally. Shawn smashed through the church’s stained-glass window on his motorcycle right when Belle and Philip were saying their vows to each other. If that doesn’t say “I love you, take me back,” I don’t know what does! Unfortunately for Shawn, Belle discovered she was pregnant with Philip’s child and couldn’t leave him. Shawn ruined the poor ruined stained-glass window and bike, all for nothing.

6. Stefano and Kate’s grim wedding.

This wedding was probably one of the most funny and entertaining ceremonies to witness as everyone but Stefano, including the bride, were calling it a sham of a marriage. Stefano managed to convince Kate to marry him in order for her to avoid prison for poisoning Chloe. Friends and foes, including Victor Kiriakis, attended the nuptials at Chez Rouge to add their sarcastic remarks about how Kate and Stefano deserved each other. The always-fashionable bride wore a bright red dress as she exchanged heartfelt wedding vows. The only truly happy guest, Victor, clapped alone when Kate and Stefano were pronounced husband and wife.

5. A killer of a wedding night.

After losing Victor and getting fired from Titan, a desperate Vivian met an old man named Jonesy who she believed to be filthy rich, and convinced him to marry her. Jonesy happily married her but died on their wedding night after they did the deed. Vivian inherited all of Jonesy’s riches until Stefano showed up to claim it all back – Jonesy had just been a cover! Eventually, Stefano used mind control to get Vivian to marry him and took all his treasures back.