Wardrobe choice gone wrong. (Soaps.com)

These are the “Days” of my week from August 1-5:

It was a week of bad wardrobe decisions, and sex and war was on everyone’s mind. Interesting combo. There’s more, so let’s start gossiping.

Who are you anyway?
Quinn continues to remain an enigma. Being uncertain of who he is has been intriguing. When Vivian finds out he has Carly at his place, she’ll implode. I’m curious about why on earth he cares about Carly, considering he basically helped put her there, being that he’s Salem’s drug lord. I didn’t know drug lords cared about the druggies they make money from. He seems torn between his nice-guy demeanor and his work persona. I hope we learn more about him and his ties to Taylor. Though he used Parker to get Chloe under his thumb, he also seems to care about Chloe getting her son back. Puzzling.

Why do women always try to change their man?
Taylor has more faith in EJ than he does in himself. Certainly more than any other woman in Salem ever has. It’s too bad for him that he screwed this up, but he’s not the man she fell in love with anyway. He’s no good. He’s a DiMera and Mother Theresa herself couldn’t have changed that. He’ll realize this sooner or later and so will Taylor…

EJ heals fast. Shoot him, or beat him, he’ll only be down a mere day or two before he’s on the mend and out of the hospital. EJ gave Brady back his gun on Tuesday’s show and that 30 second spot which I found really exciting, at the door to the Kiriakis manse, didn’t make it into the next day’s scenes. Instead, the boys got together in the park just to shake hands. It took something away from the drama.

Love me some Kinsey.
Kinsey’s scenes were the highlight of the week for me. From the kiss she planted on Tad to learning that she’s actually a good friend. It’s a shame she’s leaving the show. She’s such an unusual character. She could have provided more fun in the hum-drum town of Salem. I realize she’s unpopular with many viewers, which I find surprising. Then again, I’ve never been a fan of the Carrie Brady types of the soap world. Vote in my poll with your own thoughts on DOOL’s Kinsey.