Steve Blackwood made Bart Beiderbecke one of the most comical bad guys on daytime with his bumbling antics while working for Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo). He’s fondly remembered by his fans and by Days of Our Lives fans all over. Many didn’t realize that Steve isn’t only a great actor, he’s also a wonderful jazz musician! Check out a previous interview with Steve here where we first make that discovery!

Steve contacted today and he let us know that he’s been travelling around the country doing music gigs and he has a surprise! If fans want “Bart/Steve” to sing at any event of their choice such as weddings, birthdays, bar Mitzvah parties, reunions, etc., they can contact Newborn Jazz at 818 562-6806 and schedule a date with them!

Unsure of what to expect? Head over to Click Resume/Music and have a listen and view the youtube clip of Steve in action! Let me tell you folks, he’s a wonderful performer. LA Times has been quoted as saying, “One of the brightest new stars in jazz singing today!”