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These are the “Days” of my week from July 25-29:

A lot happened this week to further each storyline. Could it be that the shows airing this week and last are the ones that were rewritten? There’s a lot of talking, and they’re moving at a very fast pace. I gather these storylines need to be wrapped up before August 26. I’ve not much to say this week, but let’s get down to it.

Have you heard of poison?
Kate tried instructing Nicole in the art of poisoning her sister in order to keep her from her man and from ruining things around the DiMera household. Nicole didn’t have the heart, so the two DiMera wives commiserated over loving DiMera men. It was fun. These two have great chemistry and should get to know each other better.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing?
Taylor sure has changed for the better. She’s finally interesting. Why did she kiss Brady? Was she just drunk? Was he really drunk? It isn’t really in her character to do so and he is her boss! She sure isn’t the Taylor we met who stammered and stared. Did you get a load of the way she looked at Quinn? Do they know one another?

Bring him to his knees.
Sonny made a friend in Kinsey, after telling her that if he was straight he’d be ‘all over that’. Tad continued to blather on about how disgusting he thought Sonny is. Victor made it clear that he has no issue with Sonny being gay. We both found it generous of Sonny the way he treated Tad. I’m not sure I’d have been as easy going but then I haven’t faced this discrimination.