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These are the “Days” of my week from July 18-22:

What a week. I got my subtitles, Arnold was murdered, EJ gave custody over to the worst mother in the history of soaps, and it’s confirmed that Bope is as equally dumb as RoboRafe Arnold Finnegan, may he rest in peace.

“I’m Here, I’m Queer, He’ll Get Used To It.”
I could have done with more drama for Sonny’s coming out to Victor. He didn’t actually say whether or not he cared if Sonny was gay – only that he feels sorry for him and worries how others will take it. T somehow thinks Sonny “lied” about being gay I guess because he didn’t introduce himself as ‘gay Sonny’ or maybe T just thinks every gay man in a 20 kilometer radius wants his bod. Likely though the reality is that T fears what he doesn’t understand.

“Making Will gay.”
I need to finally address this. Nobody’s “making Will gay.” They’re telling a story about coming out. It’s more realistic than most stories on “DOOL.” I’ll quote my friend Dustin Cushman, former owner of, who used to say to the homophobes, “You sat through abortions, murders, attempted murders, rapes, devil possessions, incest, prostitution, adultery . . . all for entertainment . . . yet it’s the idea of a gay character that upsets you?” It’s usually what one hasn’t been exposed to that brings on fear. Those still afraid – face your fears! You may find that which you fear doesn’t even exist.

“Easy, stupid and a pig.”
Arnold Finnegar (may he rest in peace), thought with his penis more than his brain, so it didn’t surprise me that he didn’t bat an eyelash when Bope, who together are about as smart as Arnold (may he rest in peace), did the bizarre and slipped fiery Sofia in the cell with him in order to get a confession. It was the highlight of the week. I like Sofia and love Robo/Arnold’s first response to her, which was one of Stefano’s fave sayings, “Aiyaiyai.” It was crazy funny watching Sofia touching his knee and him using that silly dumb smirk and touching his crotch! He’s such a pig! Hilarious! How sad that he’s gone and the real Rafe isn’t nearly as fun.