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These are the “Days” of my week from July 4-8:

This week went by at breakneck speed. It was very ‘chatty chatty’ and a lot happened to further the RoboRafe storyline as I like to call it. I’m sure it was written to be exciting, but execution left a lot to be desired and Samanther whining like a little 6 year old had me wanting somebody to give her a left hook, the way she did EJ.

Fourth of July:
I can’t tell you how many complaints I read about the Fourth of July show. Taking the fans out of the norm always sparks controversy and pisses most off. I did enjoy Nicole’s Film Noir from 2008, so one would think I enjoyed this parody but since I was looking forward to a nice Brady BBQ, I was a little disappointed at first. After a while, I got into it. I’d only seen part of “The Social Experiment,” which I didn’t care for, but the twins who play Johnny and little Theo stole the show. I smirked seeing Kinsey playing a part considering the actress was in the movie. Chad was fun to watch as the lead, and Ari Zucker stole the show for me in each piece she did. No surprise there. The only other film I’d seen in this parody was “Black Swan.” Loved it. Hope stuffing cake into her mouth from the trash bin was cute, and I did enjoy Peter Reckell’s portrayal of the old geezer in “True Grit” and the salute to Steve (Patch), though I had never seen it. Never saw “The Fighter,” either but I loved seeing versatile Judi Evans playing somebody closer to Bonnie Lockhart again! How hilarious was it that Maxine was one of the sisters? I love that they’re incorporating her into the stories more. EJ was quite fun out of his Pee Wee Herman suit and trying hard to do an American accent in his silly backwards hat and baggy pants. Brady made me laugh, and seeing his chest was a treat, and last but not least, I don’t think we’ve seen Roman get this much airtime in years! I hope means we’ll see more of him.

The parody was at times awkward to fit together but it was creative and I applaud that. What did you think of the DOOL movie spoof?

Taking down the DiMera’s.
The rest of the week revolved around paying back EJ and Stefano. It moved pretty fast but because it still felt more plot driven, than anything. Sami punching EJ in the face twice was so well executed, but again, can’t somebody punch her in the noggin too? Those painful bouts of whining aggravate me until I want to hit her.