After four years, Days of Our Lives has been recognized once again for it’s acting. As it was announced on the “The View” this morning, NBC’s only soap received six nominations!

Not since James Reynolds (Abe) earned a Supporting Actor nomination in 2004 has Days received an acting nod. But this year it’s a little different.

Rachel Melvin (Chelsea), has been nominated in the Outstanding Younger Actress category after a big year in The Touch the Sky storyline and all the sorority drama surrounding rapist Ford Decker. What a year Rachel Melvin’s alter ego has had. She was involved in the Touch The Sky Storyline and lived through the boredom, (Sorry Days!) and had to concern herself with the annoying and nutty Vegas wife of Nick Fallon (Blake Berris), her two kids and the Chelsea-napping. Let’s see, this tough girl was drugged and almost raped by Ford Decker (Matthew Florida) until sorority sisters came to her rescue and Ford fell to his death. Yeah, we’d say the nomination is fitting!

Darin Brooks (Max), who was involved in the Touch the Sky scam with Jeremy Horton (Trevor Donovan) during the summer and went out of his way to help cover up Ford Decker’s (Mathew Florida) accidental death by hiding his body inside a hot water tank and burying it later, alone. A man of considerable nobleness, he took his punishment of community service well, considering that he’s a grunt down at the docks! He has played supportive boyfriend to Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) after finding out that she was raped by Ford. More than once, he has been told that he’s a knight in shining armor, but lately we’re seeing another side of Max. Is this perhaps an edgier side? Does Max have a little secret? We’ll find out if we stay tuned when this actor’s on the screen. Kudos to him for nabbing an Outstanding Younger Actor nomination!